What Grooms Need to Know About Custom Suits

Why the bespoke option should work for everyone.

Since it is an investment for both the biggest day of their life and their future, many grooms decide to go with a custom suit.

Photo: Melani Lust

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Though not always the case, a bride generally wears her wedding dress once, but preserves and treasures it for years to come. Grooms, on the other hand, may choose to either rent or purchase their suit. A general guideline is that men are more likely to rent tuxedos and buy suits, because unlike a bridal gown, a suit can continue to be worn at a variety of occasions. Therefore, since it is an investment for both the biggest day of their life and their future, many grooms decide to go with a custom suit. After all, wedding dresses are typically altered to fit the bride perfectly, and there is no reason a groom shouldn’t get to experience the ideal fit. 

Of course, if you’ve never gone the bespoke route before, it might be intimidating to know where to begin. If you don’t already own a suit, you’ll want to go the classic route – such as black, navy, or a charcoal grey – in order to maximize the opportunities to wear it again. For men who have careers where suits are an everyday occurrence, this is a chance to go bold with your style and get the suit or tuxedo you’ve always wished you had.

Bespoke tailoring is also more accessible than one might assume. Yes, with the right materials and lining it could cost thousands of dollars, but there are also options available in the hundreds. Therefore you could splurge on yourself while still offering a more reasonable option available for the groomsmen, whether purchased by them or as a gift from you. It’s true that renting is a common choice for groomsmen, but depending on the cost difference, they may be better off buying as well. After all, they’re more likely to wear the ensemble again than bridesmaids are. 

The process of making a custom suit is about a month long, but it’s always a good idea to get started a little earlier just in case changes need to be made. We recommend starting no later than three months before the big day. 

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