11 Grooms Share: Unexpected Parts of the Wedding

Recently married men divulge the most surprising aspects of their nuptials.

11 Grooms Share: Unexpected Parts of the Wedding

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Even with a well-thought-out timeline and a strict schedule, brides and grooms should always expect the unexpected to happen during their big day. Of course, surprises aren’t always negative – oftentimes, the elements that couples don’t see coming make their vow exchange even more exciting and memorable. Below, 11 of our former grooms, featured in Inside Weddings magazine and on InsideWeddings.com, share some of the moments they hadn’t planned for when they tied the knot. 

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“I was surprised by how overwhelmed with emotion I became. I can be a crier and there were a lot of moments where I welled up. Jenna gave me a note before we saw each other that was really special and, of course, I was being photographed as I was reading it. I'm sure he got some great ‘ugly-face crying’ photos out of that moment.” – Tim

“The only thing that was surprising was seeing how amazing the space looked. I knew it would look great, but I was shocked at how everything came together.” – Douglas

“What surprised me was the fact that all the things I was afraid of never occurred. That one reckless friend you can never control? He behaved. The wedding speeches you are nervous about? They were amazing. The fear that people would not have a good time? Some claimed it was the best wedding they had ever attended, and I actually believed them. There was a bundle of nerves, fears, concerns leading up to the wedding; none of them were justified. We did something right, or hired the right people, or maybe I am just lucky enough to have great friends and family.” – Shaun 

“I was honestly most surprised at how much fun I had with my groomsmen getting ready. I figured I might be overwhelmed with anticipation for the day to come, but being able to spend all afternoon with my closest friends, in an environment that always feels comfortable and thrilling, was incredibly special. A number of them are married, so it was a great little chance for them to give me last-minute advice and pointers.” – Kelly

“How special it truly felt to be in a room with family and friends from all over in one place to celebrate you and this monumental day – that was pretty surreal.” – Matthew

“How nervous I was. I wasn’t expecting to be, but getting ready in the morning was definitely nerve-racking. Some drinks with the groomsmen helped calm me!” – Hassib

“The fact that Isabel had four different gowns for the evening and looked absolutely stunning in each one.” – Elliot

“No matter how many people told me to take a breath and try to remember the moments as they’re happening, I could never have been prepared for how fast the day flew by and how little I actually remember. It was magical and exhausting and exhilarating, but it all happens so fast with so much flying at you that before you know it, it’s the next day and people are heading home. Take great mental notes of every moment, and try not to get too caught up in the responsibilities of the day. What matters most is the few great moments/glances you share with your wife, and make sure those opportunities don’t go to waste.” – David

“Honestly, I was surprised at how much fun we both had. We had a blast throughout the whole reception.” – John

“I thought I would feel stressed by being the center of attention, but I didn’t feel any stress at all. I felt so happy seeing the smile on my wife’s face the entire night and how happy she was. I was also surprised at how much I loved our first dance. We took a few dance lessons before our wedding, which I resisted at first, but ended up really enjoying.” – Robert

“That everything came together so smoothly – it really was the best day ever.” – David

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