Why You Should Consider a Hotel Wedding

Don't rule out this traditional option quite yet!

Why You Should Consider a Hotel Wedding

Photo: Samuel Lippke Studios

why you should get married at a hotel ballroom reception

With previously unconventional venues such as barns or lofts now becoming trendy, some might feel like a more traditional hotel wedding is passé. However, we believe they are still a wonderful choice for classic and elegant celebrations. For those who have a large guest list, one major positive to utilizing a hotel ballroom for your reception is that they generally have the capacity for hundreds, rather than the dozens that are frequently a deterrent for venue options off the beaten path. Of course, there are a multitude of other benefits to this location choice. 

Unless the vast majority of your guests live locally, nothing beats the convenience of hosting your nuptials at a hotel. Getting a great deal on room blocks is a common perk to choosing a ballroom for your reception. More affordable accommodations will lessen the burden on your attendees, possibly even allowing more of your loved ones to celebrate with you! With many people staying onsite, you also won’t have to worry about providing transportation. Safety is practically guaranteed when everyone can walk (or stumble) to their rooms after a night of joyous partying. Additionally, you’ll have access to a luxe newlywed suite with your beloved. For the morning-after brunch, everyone is already right there! 

The convenience is not just for your guests, of course – you will benefit as well! A hotel wedding means you will not have to find a caterer or deal with rentals – unless you choose to upgrade your seating, of course. A luxury property will often already have beautiful elements in the ballroom, such as chandeliers and high ceilings. Being a site that often hosts events also means there will be a skilled, professional coordinator who may even already have a working relationship with your wedding planner. 

The benefits offered by hotel ballrooms allow you to focus on details and additional perks to let your personality shine through your wedding, rather than relying on the venue to do the heavy lifting. 

Opening photo by Jessica Claire Photography; Rentals by Revelry Event Designers