17 Ways to Design a Glamorous Gothic Wedding

Love Halloween? Here's how to bring dark, mysterious style to your celebration.

17 Ways to Design a Glamorous Gothic Wedding

Photo: John Solano Photography

While holidays like the Fourth of July, Christmas, and Easter make popular and beautiful wedding themes, let's face it: Halloween isn't usually given the same treatment. It is difficult to transform the haunted, devilish themes of Halloween into a refined, sophisticated celebration that won't look too costumey or silly. However, by incorporating dark, gothic colors like black and red and subtle details inspired by the holiday into a classically pretty design, you can throw a beautiful celebration with the perfect hint of mystery – ideal for lovers of Halloween!

Choose black accessories, like shoes, jewelry, and nail polish, for a small hint of gothic style. Or, go bold and wear a dress with black details! For flowers, you'll want to favor rich colors over pastels, and even pair them with black ribbons and vases. Plenty of candlelight and themed drinks enhance the dark and glamorous wedding style. Just be sure to utilize white as an accent color to keep the celebration fresh and refined.

See how real couples channeled alternative, gothic style into elegant celebrations, below!

black Betsey Johnson shoes
Wear black shoes for a subtle hint of goth style! Photo by Barnet Photography

black ribbon bouquet
Hold a bouquet of blood-red roses and deep purple calla lilies together with a bold black-and-white striped ribbon. Photo by Barnet Photography

skull earring
Your girls will look stylishly mysterious wearing black skull-inspired earrings. Photo by Barnet Photography

black nail polish
The easiest way to infuse your ceremony with a bit of darkness? Have your bridesmaids (and yourself!) rock black nail polish. Photo by Barnet Photography

red flowers
Roses and calla lilies make a natural pairing for a goth-inspired bouquet. Photo by Joseph Lin Photography

black and white dress
Black detailing makes your bridal gown not-so-innocent! Many designers, like Vera Wang (above), have been incorporating black into their collections, so there are more options than you'd think! Photo by Joseph Lin Photography

red flowers and greenery
Combine deep red flowers with wild greenery for a fresh-yet-dramatic bridal bouquet. Photo by Kristina Lee Photography

skull glass
Tiny gems create a delightfully wicked skull design on cocktail glasses. Photo by Barnet Photography

ride or die
Don't be afraid to show off your tattoos! Wear a sleeveless dress to let your body art be part of your bridal look. Photo by Kristina Lee Photography

goth venue
Stone walls and iron chandeliers are perfect for a medieval-goth reception. Photo by Jared Platt Photography; Consulting by Amy Mancuso Events

red menu and plate
Top black charger plates with gorgeous red china and unique stone silverware. Photo by Kristina Lee Photography

red and black reception
An all-red reception embellished with touches of black achieves a gothic effect, without being too dark. Photo by John Solano Photography; Consulting by Levine Fox Events; Rentals by Revelry Event Designers

roses and branches centerpiece
Keep rose centerpieces from looking too sweet by adding twisting branches to the arrangement. Photo by Barnet Photography

black and white glasses
How adorable are these miniature glasses decorated with zodiac signs?! Photo by Kristina Lee Photography

black and white reception
A black and white reception is sophisticated and modern – perfect for a non-traditional couple. Photo by Kortnee Kate Photography; Consulting by Viva Bella Events

drink menu
Choose drinks that enhance your theme, like a black martini! Photo by Kortnee Kate Photography; Consulting by Viva Bella Events

lace cake
An ideal cake for a goth yet glam couple: white cake trimmed with black lace. Photo by John Solano; Consulting by Levine Fox Events

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