20 Songs to Play at Your After-Party

Keep the festivities going with these top tunes!

Explore some of our after-party suggestions!

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Ideally, your wedding reception should be a fun time with friends and family of all ages enjoying the dance floor. If you choose to have an after-party; however, it’s a chance to really let your hair down. Grandparents and other older relatives, along with those who have young children, have probably said goodnight at this point, which means there is less of a need to censor yourself and your song choices.

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As the after-party is more likely to be populated by friends and relatives your own age, you can narrow your choice of music to that demographic. Often, songs that were played at middle or high school dances tend to make people nostalgic in addition to encouraging dancing. Did you meet a lot of your guests in college? Choose hits from that time of your life and celebrate together while reliving memories.

Here are some of our after-party suggestions: