4 Important Tips for the Newlywed Reception Toast

Don't forget that you need to say something at the reception too!

Here’s what you need to accomplish in the time it takes to recite your newlywed reception speech!

Photo: KingenSmith

Generally, advice for wedding toasts is geared towards the best man, the maid of honor, or perhaps the father of the bride. However, it’s important to remember that the newlyweds are also supposed to say a little something at the beginning of the reception. Traditionally, this is done by the groom, but there is nothing wrong with a bride more comfortable with public speaking taking over, or the couple choosing to do the task as a unit. Plus, not every wedding even has a groom! For those who find the vow exchange to be about their limit to speaking in front of loved ones, there is good news: this toast is meant to be very short, and we don’t mean short the way the best man promised his speech would be until it stretched on for nine minutes. It really can be just a few quick sentences. 

Here’s what you need to accomplish in the time it takes to recite your newlywed reception speech: 

- Welcome your guests. In most cases, you have many loved ones who traveled to take part in this day, and many of them haven’t even been able to talk to you yet! While you should still make a point to greet everyone, this is a good opportunity to get an initial welcome taken care of.
- Thank the attendees. This can essentially be said in the same breath as the welcome. People have taken time and spent money in order to celebrate your union, and it’s important to make it clear that you appreciate them for it.  
- An expression of love. Take a moment to share the love you feel for your new spouse and how happy you are to be married. It’s the reason why everyone is here, and it’s an easy way to get a reaction to your quick speech.
- Raise your glass. It is a toast, after all!

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