4 Types of Festivals to Consider for Your Bachelorette Party

It's a great way to plan out your bachelorette weekend!

As many bachelorette parties have gone from a simple night of bar hopping to full-fledged weekend getaways, it can be more difficult to plan the perfect way to celebrate your bestie’s impending nuptials. While just about any location will have somewhere to get dinner, drinks, or even have a spa day, most groups will want to find that extra special activity to take the bachelorette weekend over the top. Consider a festival or convention! Some are single-day commitments while others are for a full long weekend, which means there is less to schedule for you! There are fests for just about every interest, but we’ve highlighted some popular categories – filled with examples – below. 

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Photo by Karlisch Photography

- Film festival. For the bride-to-be who hosts an Oscar party every year, a film festival is a great way to celebrate. See the newest prestige releases at Sundance, TIFF, or Tribeca, or try something a little more thematically appropriate. From June 20-23, Los Angeles will be home to Rom Com Fest – which includes a 10th anniversary screening of Bride Wars where viewers in all white get a Ring Pop! 

- Food festival. If the bride-to-be is an epicure, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a festival based on food. Just about every metropolitan area will have at least one once a year, with various cuisines featured. For those with a sweet tooth, Dessert Goals is a fest filled with sweet treats that has been in both New York and Los Angeles.

- Fan conventions. For the geek-chic bride, something like Comic Con would be the perfect way to celebrate their bachelorette. Though Comic Con may be the most well known, there are plenty of other similar conventions around the country, as well as some that cover more specific fandoms. No matter how much the bride may be into it, however, make sure there’s something the whole group can enjoy. No one wants to pay a bunch of money for something they’re not interested in. 

- Music festival. There is no shortage of music festivals available, and it’s a great way to have a classic bachelorette party atmosphere while still doing something unique to celebrate. If the timing works, it’s best to choose based on lineup, but if the group has an open mind about music, you can always pick your festival based on location – Bumbershoot for Seattle, Coachella for Palm Springs, Bonnaroo for Nashville, and much more. 

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Authored by: Emily Lasnier