8 Things No One Tells You About Getting Engaged

What you'll deal with after the proposal happens.

8 Things No One Tells You About Getting Engaged

Engagements & Proposals
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8 things no one tells you about getting engaged
The day you get engaged is often the happiest day of your life – until your wedding, of course. After saying “yes” and taking a selfie with your love, you will likely start sharing your news with your family and friends. As soon as you pop the bubble around your new engagement, you start living life as someone who is getting married, and there are some aspects to that life that your Pinterest board is unlikely to prepare you for. That’s why we’ve put together a list of what happens in between the proposal and the wedding. Read on, and be sure to share any of your own insights in the comments!

- You'll find yourself distracted by the new ring on your finger, even if you helped pick it out. Your hands are often in front of your face, or at least in your peripheral vision, and the shiny new bauble on your finger is a constant reminder of your upcoming nuptials.

- Despite the eventual engagement likely being an open secret for months, if not years, your partner was probably still nervous. It’s not just about hearing a “yes,” but about wanting to create the ideal romantic moment for the love of their life. 

- You might not look as perfect as you've always imagined – because you didn't know it was coming! In a way, getting engaged in your pajamas just shows you don’t need the perfect hair or dress to be happy. Of course, if you did get proposed to on a romantic date, it’s certainly nice to have photos when you look your best.  

- You're going to have to tell your proposal story a ton of times, so you and your beloved might want to nail down what you feel comfortable sharing. Be sure to have a shorthand version for acquaintances that might just be asking to be polite.

- People will ask for the date even if you've only been engaged for hours. It’s unlikely that you’ll know any of the details that you’re being asked about, so just say that you are taking some time to enjoy being engaged. 

- Even if you had been talking about marriage for a long time, you may still experience doubts about this big step. Maybe you’ve seen your married friends not hang out with friends as often, or maybe you’re not sure how to balance time with each other’s families: It’s important to communicate openly about things that may worry you.

- Family tensions may come to the forefront, whether it’s about the guest list, where to hold the wedding, anxieties about how divorced relatives feel about marriage, or even who will contribute to your budget.

- You'll probably forget to use fiancé/fiancée instead of boyfriend/girlfriend more than a few times. It takes some getting used to! Don’t worry, there’s no subconscious meaning to it. Of course, right when you get used to it, you’ll be married and have to get used to saying husband or wife.

Not engaged yet? Here are clues your partner is about to propose, as well as ways to drop hints about your dream engagement ring. 

Opening photo by Laurie Bailey Photography

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