5 Different Styles of Wedding Seating Charts

No matter the motif of your wedding, you can find a seating chart that fits your taste!

5 Different Styles of Wedding Seating Charts

Photo: Lauren Ross Photography & Nancy Cohn Photography

When the words “seating” and “chart” are strung together, they may conjure up images of long hours put into deciding if Sally would be happier next to Sue or the buffet. However, this phrase also refers to the finished product and display of your guests’ table assignments at your reception – should you choose to present that information all on one board, and not with escort cards provided at the door. A physical seating chart can be used at your celebration if you plan on incorporating place cards at each table, in lieu of having attendees search for their places, or if you and your beloved have decided to simply assign table numbers and not individual seats.

It’s incredibly practical, but that doesn’t mean it cannot expertly blend with the concept and colors of your big day. One of the most exciting parts about a wedding is your ability to personalize nearly every detail to fit your creative taste, and a seating chart is not exempt from that perk. Scroll through the pictures below from some of our favorite seating chart designs from real weddings, and click on each photo for further inspiration!

Photo by Heather Kincaid

Photo by Andie Freeman Photography

Photo by KLK Photography; Consulting by Bluebell Events; Rentals by Revelry Event Designers

Photo by Jennifer Bowen Photography

Photo by Luke & Katherine Griffin for Max & Friends; Consulting by EverAfter Events

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