5 Tips for Hiring a Destination Wedding Photographer

Important details to keep in mind when choosing a photographer for your destination wedding.

When it comes to finding your wedding photographer, it's important to find a professional with work that you admire and a personality you will get along with throughout the entire wedding day. Taking it one step further, many modern-day couples are hosting destination weddings, so it's especially apparent that you find the photographer right for you if you'll be saying "I do" afar. For tips on the subject, we asked San Diego-based photographer Paul Barnett for tips since he's photographed many destination weddings – some of which have been featured in Inside Weddings! Read his advice below:

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Photo by Paul Barnett Photography; Chairs by Chameleon Chair Collection

You and your fiancé have decided to host your wedding in an exotic locale, far away from home. So, finding the right photographer is critical. Here are a few tips to help avoid missteps when searching for a photographer to document your destination wedding.

1. No rookies. 
Many photographers are seduced by the thought of shooting in a picturesque, distant land. However, don’t let your wedding be their “first,” regardless of the “good deal” they are offering you.

2. Spell it out in the contract. 
Destination weddings fall outside of normal wedding photography coverage, so it's best to have a clear understanding of what you expect in terms of the number of hours shot and number of images delivered. 

3. It’s work, not play! 
If, while interviewing a potential candidate, you get the feeling that he or she can’t wait to do a cannonball into the pool and plans on bringing his or her spouse and four children, move on and continue your search for a professional photographer.

4. What is their back-up plan? 
Ask the photographer how they will secure and back up files, as well as what they use for back-up equipment. There are no do-overs when something goes wrong in a remote location.

5. Who pays for travel expenses?
Most reputable wedding photographers will ask that airfare, lodging, transfers, and a daily per diem for meals be paid for by the client. This should be discussed and added to the agreement prior to finalizing the contract.

For more tips from Paul Barnett, discover how to choose the right photographer and learn how to keep your fiancé interested in wedding planning. 

Authored by: Paul Barnett of Paul Barnett Photography

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