6 Things Your Wedding Planner Doesn't Tell You

Learn more about the advantages of hiring a wedding consultant.

Hiring a professional to oversee the entire production – and help make your wedding dreams a reality – is one of the areas brides and grooms constantly confirm their money to be well spent.

Photo: Katie Shuler Photography

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life and you should be fully able to enjoy every moment. Many couples opt to hire a wedding planner because they realize early on that the coordination process can be extremely stressful, while others prefer to take on the challenge themselves and seek out a consultant for only day-of services. Whatever your preference, know that hiring a professional to oversee the entire production – and help make your wedding dreams a reality – is one of the areas brides and grooms constantly confirm their money to be well spent. Your planner knows what really matters to you, and will make sure that the most important details are handled.

The six examples below will help provide you with an idea of how valuable a wedding consultant can be, aside from other areas such as venue suggestions, theme, style, attire, and so on. As you read, imagine how some of the scenarios can be applied to your own event and ask yourself if hiring an expert will be of benefit to you.


Your wedding planner is well aware of what your fantasy bouquet should look like and is keen to details that you love, like the perfect tone of pink. Since the shade of a flower changes per season, a bride who requests an all-white centerpiece may instead get “white” florals with a yellow tint or a pink peony that ends up looking purple. A wedding specialist will make sure to get all of this straightened out before you even see the flowers; you never have to know that those perfect Vanda orchids you picked out originally came in the wrong color.

Special Touches

Visualize having half of the beautiful butterflies you wanted to release during your vows being dead upon their delivery to your venue. In the last moments of preparation before the ceremony, your planner would have delicately sorted through and discarded of the less fortunate ones in order to create the idyllic moment of which you have been dreaming.

Managing the Men


Keeping a group of slightly tipsy groomsmen in order can be quite the challenge. One keeps wandering away to the bar, another forgot his socks, and another refuses to be torn away from watching the big game. Luckily, your planner makes sure they are all ready and where they need to be when it’s time for pictures, the ceremony, and making speeches.

The Youngest Wedding-Party Members

Aside from the bride, the stars of the show will surely be the littlest members of your bridal party. However, getting flower girls and ring bearers all the way down the aisle – and behaving well throughout the event – typically takes a lot of encouragement, and sometimes, even a small bribe or two.

The One Big Mistake

I always tell my clients that one thing goes wrong at every wedding: be it a fainting bridesmaid, a spot of spilled red wine on your wedding dress, a mistake by a vendor, and beyond. However, with a savvy consultant, by the time you are aware of the problem, it has already been handled. Maybe your cake came out round instead of square, but by the time your planner lets you know, she can add in the good news of the full refund she has ensured you will receive. 

Final Details

Providing shuttles for your guests to and from the hotel is a kind consideration and it makes their time at your celebration that much easier. Your wedding planner will be outside helping buses to turn around on narrow pick-up lanes and making sure they are running on schedule so you and your beloved don’t have to worry. 

The examples above are only some of the ways that having a planner by your side will help save the day, leaving you and your new spouse able to jet off on your honeymoon in complete bliss with incredible memories of your wedding in tow.