6 Ways to Use Chandeliers in Your Wedding Décor

These lovely light fixtures can make quite the impact!

6 Ways to Use Chandeliers in Your Wedding Décor

Photo: Karlisch Photography

Chandeliers have long been a sign of opulence and elegance, so it’s no surprise that the light fixtures are often used in wedding décor. Despite their history of being displayed by the wealthy, chandeliers can work for whatever style a bride or groom might choose – from opulent to laid-back. A classic crystal style is perfect for a glamorous reception, while a more modern wrought-iron fixture may be befitting for a rustic wedding. However, no matter what the light fixture looks like, you still have to decide where it will be used. The most common approach is simply above the tables at the reception, but at a time where couples are always trying to figure out how to make their big day unique, it’s important to think outside of the box. 

Below are our six favorite ways couples have utilized chandeliers in their nuptials, all from real weddings.  

1. Couple Shot

bride and groom kissing under night sky and chandeliers

Nothing says romance like kissing under the night sky, accented by the light of some glamorous fixtures suspended from the trees. Photo by Karlisch Photography

2. Adorned with Florals

wedding reception chandeliers with floral and greenery accents

Embrace a fairy-tale aesthetic by combining lush florals and verdant greenery with classic chandeliers. Photo by Kesha Lambert Photography

3. Part of the Altar

wedding chuppah altar with chandeliers

Whether you have a chuppah, an arch, or simple floral arrangements, this is a great way to give your "I dos" some pizazz. Photo by KingenSmith; Floral Design by HMR Designs

4. Over the Dance Floor

chandeliers above the dance floor at wedding reception

After all, that's where everyone will spend the majority of their time, right? Might as well let it sparkle and shine! Photo by The Yodsukars; Floral Design by Flowers by Cina; Rentals by Revelry Event Designers

5. Above the Aisle

crystal chandelier above flower petal aisle wedding ceremony

Light the way as you walk to the love of your life with an expected appearance of crystal fixtures. Photo by Handeland Tesoro Photography; Planning & Design by Alex Events

6. In Clusters

cluster of chandeliers in rustic wedding reception

A single chandelier is lovely, but grouping them together makes a major statement. Photo by Ira Lippke Studios