7 of the Worst Weddings from TV Shows

Watch clips from fictional weddings you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy.

7 of the Worst Weddings from TV Shows

Photo: Tiffany L. Johnson

While we may spend seasons rooting for certain TV couples to eventually tie the knot, there are plenty of weddings on television that are total disasters. Even the successful ones tend to have a number of things go wrong, since an episode without conflict wouldn’t be very interesting. But then there are nuptials that are truly terrible, whether it’s due to couples simply not being meant for each other, forced marriages, or in one case, mass murder. In no particular order, these are the worst weddings from some of our favorite shows. 

Friends - Ross & Emily
While at first it seemed the biggest disaster was that the building the ceremony was in was being torn down, Ross managed to make it look beautiful with an abundance of candles. However, when Rachel showed up, he couldn’t get his ex-girlfriend off his mind and accidentally said her name during the vows. Emily decided to still go through with it, but the marriage was clearly doomed. 

A Series of Unfortunate Events - Count Olaf & Violet

The evil Count Olaf nefariously used his status of the Baudelaire children’s legal guardian to consent on Violet’s behalf to marry him so he could control her and her sibling’s vast inheritance. Even when his plan was figured out, he threatened her baby sister Sunny to force Violet to go through with the wedding. Luckily, she was able to use a technicality to make sure it wasn’t valid. 

Game of Thrones - Sansa & Tyrion 

After (thankfully) no longer being viewed as a suitable wife for King Joffrey, Sansa was forcibly matched with his uncle Tyrion, who also wanted no part in marrying the 14-year-old. The ceremony was cruel to both parties and the groom got incredibly drunk at the reception. Thankfully, the marriage was never consummated, but Sansa’s second marriage would prove to be even worse. 

Happy Endings - Alex & Dave
The sitcom starts with someone being left at the altar, giving the title an ironic flair. After a long relationship, college sweethearts and childhood friends Dave and Alex are finally tying the knot. However, Alex has been having cold feet, so when a supplier to her store shows up – on roller blades, no less – to proclaim his love, she takes the opportunity to run away, even though she’s not crazy about this guy either. Somehow, the whole group still remain friends after some time passes. 

The Handmaid’s Tale - Mass Marriage of Child Brides
It’s no secret that things are pretty bad for women in Gilead, but the reveal that the drivers, including Nick, are all gathered for a ceremony that turns out to be a mass wedding of the grown men to girls no older than 15 is both chilling and uncomfortable. 

Gossip Girl - Blair & Prince Louis
Throughout their courtship and engagement, Blair Waldorf was torn between Chuck Bass and Prince Louis. She finally felt at peace with her decision to become a princess when Chuck not only walks into the church as vows are about to be exchanged, but guests receive a video of her declaring her love for her ex. 

Game of Thrones - The Red Wedding
The ceremony actually goes fairly well, considering the bride and groom had never met – at least Edmure Tully is relieved to find his soon-to-be wife physically attractive. It’s the reception that gives the Red Wedding its name, as the Starks are all brutally slaughtered. 

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