9 Grooms Reveal the Best Moments of Their Special Day

Former grooms talk about the most memorable instances of their wedding day.

Nine grooms who have been featured in Inside Wedding magazine and InsideWeddings.com have revealed some of their most favorite memories from their nuptials.

Photo: Vue Photography

There are so many wonderful aspects to a wedding: the big reveal, the first kiss, each special dance, the send-off, and so many more. They say that your special day goes by so quickly that it almost seems as though the whole event is but a blur, but if you take some time to let each memory set in, recalling them later can be a wonderful experience to share with your spouse. With this is mind, nine grooms who have been featured in Inside Weddings magazine and InsideWeddings.com have revealed some of their most favorite memories from their nuptials, below.

Photo by Amy & Stuart Photography

“The first time seeing Whitney in her wedding gown out in the lush green field filled with yellow wild flowers was unbelievable. Her white dress and smile were glowing.” – Matthew

“The speeches to each other during the reception. Lindsay’s father is a very well-spoken public speaker and he took to the microphone first. His speech was so thoughtful and welcoming that I shed tears hearing him speak about the love that Lindsay and I have for one another. Lindsay took the mic next and spoke from her heart – she also had the crowd in tears. I was last to speak, but everything that I planned to say had already been said by my wife or her father!” – Blake

“The trolley ride to the ceremony was like something out of a movie. This two-minute transition of transporting us to the site was an opportunity to take in the day. This white sand road lined with palm trees, with the ocean on the left and green grass and dunes on the right, led to the ceremony site. It was an opportunity to pray, reflect, and breathe.” – John

The signing of our ketubah in front of our immediate family. I had been a part of a ketubah signing years earlier when my best man got married, and to have him and our immediate family in the room was among the most emotional scenes I've ever been involved in. It was particularly touching to see both my stepparents overcome with tears.” – Kelly

“The fact that all of our friends came together. We had friends from Australia, Hong Kong, England, Scotland, and all over the US: the majority had never met each other. My nomadic past meant many of these circles never intertwined, but that night they did, and in a way none of us expected. Friendships were made that still live on today, and everyone just enjoyed the melting pot that was our social history.” – Shaun

“During the reception, the dance floor was absolutely crazy and everyone was losing their minds. After Elyse and I danced for a little while, the two of us took a walk. We just needed a second to stop and appreciate how awesome everything was. We walked outside the tent by the water and just talked. We were so happy talking about how everything turned out and how we were married! It was awesome.” – Douglas

“I loved our first dance. We didn’t even realize people were there. We were alone: dancing and singing.” – Pedro

“Our photographer scoped out a great place to take pictures after the ceremony up on the 18th hole of our golf course venue. It was really private – about a ten minute golf cart ride. We could see the lights from the clubhouse and our cocktail party in the distance while we were able to have a few moments alone to reflect on our ceremony and what had just happened. It was really special and resulted in some fantastic photos.” – Drew

“It would have to be when we got to see the ballroom reception area for a few minutes before all the guests came in, and both of our jaws were on the floor the moment saw it. We were stunned at how incredible it looked. The beautiful flowers hung over tables and the chandelier in a way that I didn’t know was possible. The dance floor with our initials fit perfectly in the size of the ballroom. Coupling the flowers with the lighting and live music gave it an ambience of a really special night. It felt like we were in a movie! Which is actually a line we also heard a lot of our guests sharing with us.” – Vincent

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