A Disney-Loving Bride Was Surprised by the Real Voice of Ariel

Jodi Benson from 'The Little Mermaid' performed at the reception!

Watch Jodi Benson, the voice of Ariel, completely surprise this Disney-loving bride with a surprise performance!

Photo: David Michael Photography

As with many women of her generation, Krysten Green is a huge fan of The Little Mermaid. While giving a Disney-themed toast at her wedding reception, the father of the bride, who donned white Mickey Mouse gloves – asked his daughter what her favorite Disney movie is. She quickly answers, “The Little Mermaid,” without a clue of what is going to happen next. Her dad briefly ducks out of the ballroom and brings back a legend: Jodi Benson, who was the voice of Ariel. 

Due to the fact that she almost exclusively works as a voice actress onscreen, most fans understandably wouldn’t necessarily recognize Jodi in person. However, it’s clear that the bride is not an average fan – her jaw instantly drops and her eyes widen as soon as she sees her idol. After a brief introduction, the singer performs “Part of Your World” from the classic film, as clips from the movie are shown on a screen. As a charming touch, the video frequently cuts to Krysten mouthing the words along to the performance. The song concluded with the screen displaying a childhood photo of the bride with her parents. Naturally, she was wearing a The Little Mermaid shirt. 

Watch the whole video below!