The Top 10 Disney Wedding Songs for Your Processional

These romantic tunes are perfect for your trip down the aisle.

Discover 10 songs from Disney movies that would be perfect for your wedding ceremony processional.

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Just about everyone grew up watching Disney animated films and listening to their impressive soundtracks. A staple of any classic Disney movie is the Disney love song, many of them as famous as the films themselves. So for Disneyphiles, choosing Disney love songs from the soundtrack of their favorite movie for their wedding day is an easy decision.

If you and your sweetheart have taken many trips to a Disney theme park, spent Friday nights cuddling on the couch with an old VHS watching Disney movies, were one of the first to sign up for the Disney+ streaming service, or dressed up as your favorite Disney couple for Halloween, one of these love song melodies is just the detail to turn your wedding day into a fairy tale.

Unless the original Disney love songs fit with a unique wedding theme, instrumental versions of the melodies from Disney songs about love are probably a more natural fit for weddings – especially the ceremony processional itself – or your wedding video highlight reel.

Should you choose a Disney song about love for your first dance, having your band perform and sing the lyrics or playing the original song is more appropriate. The lovely Disney songs and arrangements below are the best of both worlds: They express some personality while still maintaining a modicum of tradition to the proceedings that modern-day couples will love.

Listen to the Disney wedding songs below to get romantic Disney movie inspiration for your wedding ceremony processional! If you have a different love song in mind for your walk down the aisle, these Disney songs could also be perfect for your first dance.

1. “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” - The Lion King 
Composed by the inimitable Elton John, this Oscar-winning love song is a great choice for any wedding, but it would be especially apt for couples who grew up together, like Simba and Nala in the movie.

2. “I See The Light” - Tangled 
Picture this: a nighttime wedding – string lights, candles, and lanterns everywhere. This instrumental melody can allude to the unforgettable lantern scene in the film without being too over-the-top for your own love story and fairy tale.

3. “Kiss the Girl” - The Little Mermaid 
A steel drum arrangement such as the one above would make for a lovely processional song at a tropical destination wedding.

4. “Married Life” - Up
The song is long enough to be timed out for your whole bridal party – or you can select to walk down the aisle to the upbeat, bouncy portion of the tune, or the slower piano section. While everyone may remember crying during Carl and Ellie’s montage, they will also remember what a lovely marriage the two had, making this one of the most touching Disney songs for your walk down the aisle.

5. “Once Upon a Dream” - Sleeping Beauty
Based on a Tchaikovsky ballet, this song is probably the most traditional-sounding choice on the list. For more alternative brides, the Lana Del Rey cover from the Maleficent soundtrack is another beautiful, albeit hauntingly so, option for your wedding ceremony processional.

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6. “Tale as Old as Time” - Beauty and the Beast
Any bride planning to wear a ball gown (à la Belle in Beauty and the Beast) should consider this song that will easily contribute to a grand entrance and processional.

7. “A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes” - Cinderella
For every bride who wants to feel like a princess on her wedding day, walking down the aisle to this swoon-worthy song will surely add to the desired royal feeling for your own love story.

8. “Ma Belle Evangeline” - The Princess and the Frog 
While the natural choice would be to use this song for a wedding in New Orleans, this piano cover is subtle and romantic enough to complement a wedding in any location.

 9. “A Whole New World” - Aladdin 
What better way to represent you and your spouse embarking on a new adventure together than walking down the aisle to this magical song? Love songs – Disney or not – should be memorable and special, and this song from the movies will be one to remember.

10. “Bella Notte” - Lady and the Tramp 
For a Disney lover of Italian descent, using this tune as a ceremony processional song honors two aspects of the bride at once. If you are also a dog lover, there really is no competition for this beautiful Italian ballad that's perfect for a wedding love song.

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