Pros and Cons for Selecting Certain Wedding Venues

Details to keep in mind when making your selection for a wedding location.

Pros and Cons for Selecting Certain Wedding Venues

Photo: M Bénédicte Verley Photography

One of the first steps in the wedding-planning process is choosing a venue for your ceremony and/or reception. Brides and grooms are often overwhelmed by the number of appealing location options available these days. On the other hand, couples are also surprised to learn that every venue option comes with its own share of pros and cons. In addition to the particular style of the event your envisioning, you'll need to consider other factors, such as number of guests, time of year, cost considerations, duration of the event, and weather possibilities when determining which venue option will be right for your special day. We've gathered photographs of the ten types of locales that have been the most popular among our featured brides. Whether your visualizing someplace romantic and traditional or contemporary and unorthodox, we hope to help inspire your search for a dream venue.


Private estates offer luxurious backdrops that tend to include vast manicured yards and stunning views. They can usually accommodate large numbers of guests, however most catering, rentals, and décor services will have to be supplied by outside vendors. Time and sound restrictions may apply in residential neighborhoods. Photograph by Jay Lawrence Goldman Photography


Often associated with destination weddings, the aesthetic appeal of a ceremony at the shore need not be explained. However be prepared to have a back-up plan in case of unforeseeable weather complications, and you may want to warn female guests not to wear heels lest they get stuck in the sand! Photograph by Robert Evans Studios


Art and history museums, as well as aquariums, are all excellent options for unique and memorable weddings for couples seeking something a little less traditional. Catering, rentals, and décor services will have to be supplied by outside vendors. Time and sound restrictions may apply as well. Photograph by Sean Randall Photographer


A house of worship is the proper choice for a wedding ceremony for couples whose faith is of first and foremost importance. Be aware of restrictions regarding proper dress and photography. Following the ceremony, make sure guests have excellent directions so nobody gets lost on their way to the reception. Photograph by Gruber Photographers


Vineyards provide a stunning setting for couples who crave a natural backdrop that is both rustic and romantic. Depending on the vineyard, there may be restrictions regarding the size of the event, and a back-up option maybe necessary in case of rain. Also, be aware that many wineries are not licensed for hard alcohol. Photograph by Christian Oth Studios


This one-of-a-kind setting provides lots of opportunities for creative expression, ideal for artistic brides and grooms. Catering, rentals, and décor services will have to be supplied by outside vendors. Photograph by Lawrence Crandall Photographer


One of the most flexible wedding venue options, resorts and hotels are generally able to accommodate events of all sizes, and your guests will appreciate being able to stay on the premises. Catering and rental facilities are often included as part of the contract, so there may be restrictions about food items from outside vendors. Also, be sure the resort hosts only one wedding per day. Photograph by Yitzhak Dalal Photography


Designed specifically to host elaborate events, reception halls are blank slates for brides and grooms to design any type of wedding they please, and are therefore the perfect option for an unforgettable reception, especially if the ceremony takes place elsewhere, such as in a house of worship. Photograph by Gruber Photographers


A rustic, natural setting for a countryside wedding, barns can be a gorgeous option for an intimate affair. Guest list sizes may be restricted and most catering, rentals, and décor services will have to be supplied by outside vendors. Photograph by Bamber Photography


A garden is an incredibly beautiful and romantic setting, so little additional décor will be necessary. Perfect for spring or summer events, it’s best to have a rain backup in mind in case of unseasonable weather. Be sure to use an aisle runner to prevent heels from sinking into the grass! Photograph by Elizabeth Messina 

Opening photograph by M Bénédicte Verley Photography