A Playlist of Festive Background Music for the Reception

Hear sweet tunes perfect for playing at a lower volume during dinner and down times.

A Playlist of Festive Background Music for the Reception

Photo: Jessica Claire Photography

Anyone in the film industry can tell you that a solid soundtrack is key to creating a great movie – well, the same can be said for weddings! When selecting tunes for your big day, the main checklist items typically include songs for the processional at the ceremony, your first dance, a parent/child dance, and the evening’s general playlist to get your guests grooving. However, it is easy for planning couples to forget about the “in-between” activities during their nuptials: one such time being your scheduled meal and general down time throughout the reception.

Of course, a pair may very well elect to fill the room with conversation and utensils hitting plates, but many others desire their meals to be backed by an appropriate soundtrack. If this is the case, we’ve put together a short playlist – just over an hour long – of sweet melodies to create a sentimental backdrop for your culinary adventure. 

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Opening photo by Jessica Claire Photography