A Playlist to Get You in the Mood for an Italian Honeymoon

Listen to these songs on your way to Italy to get into the romantic and upbeat vibe of the country.

A Playlist to Get You in the Mood for an Italian Honeymoon

Photo: Fred Marcus Studio

With the wedding day behind you and a bright future ahead, you and your new spouse deserve a little time to soak up married life. Whether you’re simply spending a day or two at home to recover and relax or jetting off on an adventure abroad, taking time to yourselves as a couple is important in the aftermath of your nuptials. If you happen to be setting off on an Italian getaway in the wake of your “I dos,” be prepared for a vacation filled with romance, culture, and, of course, superb cuisine. 

If you find yourself looking to get more excited about your trip to Italy and you’ve exhausted nearly every travel website with tips on what to do, it might be time to give your ears a little taste of the country. We’ve created a short playlist of 16 songs to inspire your imagination during your plane ride: a mix of mostly classics with a few modern tunes thrown in. Put it on repeat, sit back, and enjoy on your journey to stunning Italy!

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Opening photo by Fred Marcus Studio