Behind the Scenes with STAK Photography

Professional photographer Steven Young weighs in on weddings.

Behind the Scenes with STAK Photography

Photo: STAK Photography

Stak Photography is one of the newest members of Inside Weddings' Editor's Circle. Steven and Tak are the husband-and-wife team behind this young, hip, and extraordinarily talented New York City-based company. Learn more about STAK in our Q&A below, followed by examples of some of the stunning moments they've captured through their wedding photography.

How old were you when you began your profession? "We were both 25 when we started STAK a couple of years before our own wedding."

What's the most eccentric request you've ever received from a bride? "We have been blessed with some great brides, and haven’t received any odd request, yet!"

What’s your favorite aspect of a wedding? "The real emotions and happiness from the couple and their families is what drives us and makes shooting each wedding a unique experience."

What other industry would you be in if not this one? "Steven would probably be in the music industry. Tak would be in education."

Which famous wedding in history would you have most liked to work on and why? "Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley’s private wedding at Neverland Ranch."