An Engagement Ring Commercial Turned into a Real Proposal!

A former NFL cheerleader got the surprise of a lifetime.

See how this engagement surprised a former cheerleader for the Baltimore Ravens!

Photo: Christine Bentley Photography

As Kori Kline, a former cheerleader for the Baltimore Ravens, prepared for her third commercial with local jewelry retailer Smyth Jewelers, she had no idea what was actually in store for her. In the past, she had appeared in their commercials as a wedding guest and as a maid of honor – this time she would be a future bride-to-be, on the receiving end of a proposal. Little did she know, her boyfriend Zach Sullivan would be the one on bended knee… and the proposal would be for real.

Kori and Zach met when he visited a doctor’s office where Kori was working as a medical assistant. “The best part is the doctor’s name is Dr. Majek,” Zach says smiling. They started dating a few months later, on what happened to be Kori’s 22nd birthday. Early on in the relationship, Kori mentioned how much she loved viral video proposals and that she always wanted an experience like that. Though as the years passed, she conceded that any proposal special to her and Zach as a couple would be perfect, but he already had his mind made up for a grand gesture. Due to her past roles in Smyth Jewelers commercials, Zach thought this would be a natural progression. He found the Director of Marketing on LinkedIn and wrote her a letter about his idea, and spent the next two months designing the ring and planning the proposal.  Watch the video below to see how it turned out!

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