Captivating Seating Card Styles

From cutting-edge to classic, browse the latest looks.

Captivating Seating Card Styles

Photo: Walters & Walters

how to display seating cards

The term "seating card" is one you can use loosely. While beautifully calligraphed stationery will never go out of style, many couples are coming up with creative ways to point guests in the right direction. From alternative materials to unique displays, seating cards have become an important decor element in and of themselves. See some of our favorite incarnations, and consider how your cards can make a statement on your wedding day.

Above, clockwise from left: Michael Brannigan for David Michael Photography; Crandall Photography; Jared Platt Photography; Walters & Walters.

Todd Rafalovich Photography

Paul Barnett Photographer

Walters & Walters

Marie Labbancz Photography

Mark Cornelison Photographer

Michael Brannigan for David Michael Photography

M. Benedicte Verley

John Solano

Crandall Photography

Nancy Cohn Photography

Shawna Herring Photography

Danny Weiss Photography

Jared Platt Photography

Yvette Roman Photography

Michelle Walker Photography