Fun Songs from the 1990s to Play at Your Wedding

These 15 tunes will get people on the dance floor.

Look through the below list of our top tunes from the last decade.

Photo: Melani Lust

90s dance songs to play at your wedding reception

As millennials are getting married, it’s no surprise that music from their childhood and adolescence would be big hits at wedding receptions. Music has an incredible way of evoking nostalgia and can transport people back to times that feel simpler. Even those who were too young to remember the 1990s are embracing the return of the fashion trends from the prosperous decade. Songs from the era are bound to fill the dance floor with guests both young and old. Perhaps the best part of focusing on a decade for your reception playlist is the ability to include a variety of genres. From hip-hop to alternative to country to pop – it’s all ‘90s.

Look through the below list of our top tunes from the last decade before smart phones, and tell your band or DJ to add your favorites to their song list. 

Listen to 20 songs from the '90s to consider for your first dance, and then discover popular wedding trends from the decade.

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