'90s Wedding Songs: 20 Songs from the 1990s for Your First Dance

These throwback tunes would all be a great way to sway with your new spouse.

If you want to play some throwbacks on your wedding day, discover the top '90s wedding songs and popular picks for first dance songs from the 1990s!

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Due to the cyclical nature of fashion, many trends from the 1990s are becoming popular again. Why not the music as well? Everyone’s favorite decade has plenty of slow jams that are perfect for the first dance at a wedding, from a variety of genres. Whether you and your future spouse are fans of pop, R&B, country, or alternative music, there is a track from the ‘90s that is the perfect way to start your married life together. We're not thinking of "Everybody Dance Now" by C+C Music Factory (though you can certainly include it if you want!), but instead we want you to discover songs about love that have stood the test of time.

Though any couple may choose a wedding song from the 1990s – perhaps not even because of the time period, but simply the sentiment of the melody and lyrics – it could be an especially meaningful choice for a pair of lovebirds who started as childhood or high-school sweethearts – or even close friends who grew to love each other as adults. Songs from the ‘90s are also great for those who don’t want a predictable or overdone tune for their first dance song or a nontraditional wedding ceremony song. The time period was long enough ago that those songs are no longer top-of-mind choices, but it’s also recent enough that they are not considered classics the same way as true oldies.

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If you want to play some throwbacks on your wedding day, discover the top '90s wedding songs and popular picks for first dance songs from the 1990s, below!

Released as a single from the self-titled debut album by Savage Garden in 1997, "Truly Madly Deeply" is on nearly every list of throwback wedding-music playlist categories. It's hard to choose the romantic lyrics that fit a wedding best, but the opening line of the song is well known and appropriate for a wedding song: "I'll be your dream, I'll be your wish, I'll be your fantasy. I'll be your hope, I'll be your love, be everything that you need. I love you more with every breath, truly madly deeply do. I will be strong, I will be faithful 'cause I'm counting on a new beginning." It's a 90s wedding playlist must-have!

Aside from the fact that this song was featured in the Schitt's Creek series finale – when Patrick Brewer (played by Noah Reid) serenaded David Rose (Daniel Levy) with "Always Be My Baby" at their wedding – the 1995 hit by Mariah Carey is also one of the most popular wedding songs for couples to share their first dance to on the dance floor. A sweet sentiment for weddings that bring a couple together as one, we love these lyrics from the love song: "You'll always be a part of me, I'm part of you indefinitely."

Roses are a popular flower for both the wedding ceremony and reception, and if your nuptials will feature roses in any shade, "Kiss from a Rose" is one of those song ideas that serves multiple purposes. The 1994 tune will have all of your guests singing this phrase on the dance floor: "Baby, I compare you to a kiss from a rose on the grey. Ooh, the more I get of you, the stranger it feels, yeah. Now that your rose is in bloom, a light hits the gloom on the grey."

If you were a big Spice Girls fan in the '90s, you'll definitely want to incorporate one of their songs on your wedding playlist. Other popular artists from the 1990s are Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and The Backstreet Boys – even if not for your first dance, you can use your favorite tunes from these performers in any part of your wedding music!

This 1994 song by the country crooner is popular on wedding song lists for a reason: the first part of the song is "Two young people, without a thing. Say some vows and spread their wings. And settle with just what they need. Living on love." Another country favorite is Shania Twain, who has a number of ballads that can work for your wedding!

What better song to have for your first dance song than this tune by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, who are happily married in real life! We love this part of the tune, expressing how much the couple will always love one another and lift each other up: "Better than I was, more than I am, and all of this happened by taking your hand. And who I am now is who I wanted to be, and now that we're together, I'm stronger than ever, I'm happy and free."

Even if your music styles differ from each another, almost everyone can agree that this relaxing music makes for one of the most perfect wedding songs. Since being released in 1990, it's been featured on many a love song list – and not just for love songs from the '90s. It'll be a classic for a while, and may be included on playlists for the first dance forever.

Especially ideal for pairs who are huge fans of Hootie & the Blowfish, this love song from 1994 is a popular choice at weddings.

While this song is sometimes on the playlist for categories of somber events such as funerals, the lyrics are also fitting for a wedding in a sense: "But I believe in love and I know that you do too. And I believe in some kind of path that we can walk down, me and you." If the song doesn't fit your ideal wedding music, consider using the melody for your wedding processional song!

Whether you choose the original or a number of covers, "Kiss Me" is one of those love songs that will make all of your guests smile.

Released in 1998, this love song is a great option for weddings. Whether you have your band perform the music or have a DJ spin it from your playlist, it'll surely be a crowd favorite as soon as these lyrics come up: "I just want to hold you close, I feel your heart so close to mine, and just stay here in this moment for all of the rest of time."

While all of the lyrics of this 1997 song don't completely point to the typical wedding sign, the melody, emotion, and love behind the tune makes it a popular one on nearly every '90s list. We've even featured a number of Inside Weddings couples who have swayed to this for their first dance!

Anyone who has seen the movie knows that this is one of the most memorable love songs written for a film. Though there are a number of expletives in the song itself, ask your DJ to create a compilation of the lyrics that make sense to you and your beloved.

When people think of the '90s, they often think of this song by Oasis. It's a hit for a reason and if it's especially important to you both as a couple, by all means use it for your first dance!

Whether or not you're a fan of the Adele version, Bob Dylan's 1997 hit has a different vibe and may be more fitting for you as a couple.

This 1993 song by the powerhouse singer is such a great ballad that may bring a tear to the eyes of your guests. Especially fitting for a heterosexual couple entering their marriage, these lyrics are perfect for a first dance: "'Cause I'm your lady and you are my man. Whenever you reach for me, I'll do all that I can. We're heading for something, somewhere I've never been. Sometimes I am frightened, but I'm ready to learn ff the power of love."

It's hard to choose the best lyrics from this 1999 country hit. The first part of the song talks about when eyes meet, which could make for a great first dance, but we also love the second part of the song: "I don't know how you do what you do, I'm so in love with you, it just keeps gettin' better. I wanna spend the rest of my life with you by my side. Forever and ever. Every little thing that you do, baby, I'm amazed by you."

Fans of Bon Jovi have this song on their must-have list for the first dance or at any point during the wedding. The lyrics are fitting too: "Yeah I, will love you, baby, always and I'll be there forever and a day, always."

Featured a number of times in pop culture – including on the TV show Dawson's Creek and in the movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, this romantic song is a wonderful choice for a wedding.

Other notable mentions include "All My Life" - K-Ci & Jojo and "Crash Into Me" by Dave Matthews Band – both of which are on a number of other '90s wedding song lists!