The Pros and Cons of Including Pets in Your Nuptials

The perks and drawbacks of adding your furry (or not-so-furry) friends into your big day.

It’s understandable that many couples who have raised an animal together would want to include their furriest family member in their wedding day. Find out if it's the right choice for you!

Photo: Simply Splendid

Almost anyone with pets understands one simple truth: they are part of the family! So, it’s understandable that many couples who have raised an animal together would want to include their furriest family member in their wedding day. The most common way is to have the pet take part in the role of flower girl or ring bearer – sometimes with the accompaniment of a human child, sometimes not. It’s certainly a trend that we see often!

Of course, with every new trend, there are detractors. Some people might find a pet at the ceremony to be tacky or cheesy, especially if the nuptials are an otherwise refined affair. While we personally feel you should focus on what makes you and your beloved happy, rather than the opinions of others, there are several pros and cons to including your pet that you should consider as you set out to make this important decision. 


-   You won’t need to secure outside pet care. Adding extra stress onto your plate in the weeks and days leading up to the wedding isn’t a great idea. If you’re not comfortable leaving your pet alone for the majority of the day, you’ll have to arrange a sitter or find a place to drop off your little guy for the wedding. If they tag along, you won’t need to shell out extra money for these services.

-   You’re in for some precious pictures. Some of our favorite snapshots from real weddings depict a couple’s sweet pup trotting down the aisle or posing with friends and other family members. If your pet is an incredibly important member of your family, you’ll cherish your photo album just a little bit more with the added pictures of your precious little friend in their wedding-day best, smiling with the rest of the bridal party!

-   You’ll get to share in your big day with your fur baby. They say you should invite the people you love most to share in your vow exchange, and if that list includes your pet, you’d likely regret keeping them at home for such an important occasion. 


-   Additional fees might be charged. Your venue may add on to your security deposit if an animal is around, even if your venue is outdoors. Be sure to do your research!

-   The day-of logistics can be complicated. Where does your pet go after the ceremony? Who is watching them while you’re getting ready for the big day? Who will bring food and toys and when will they be fed? These are just a few of the many questions you’ll have to answer.

-   Even a well-behaved pet can behave unpredictably. Perhaps your precious and adorable fur baby is perfectly obedient in the comfort of your own home or at a favorite park, but even with rehearsals, there are no guarantees on the big day. A dog could bark, and any animal might try to run away or suddenly hear nature’s call.

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