Fun Trends for Your Wedding Photo Booth

From GIFs to flower walls, discover the latest photo booth trends.

Take a look at the following trends to see how photo booths have evolved and become real crowd-pleasers.

Photo: Inije Photography

Although you have a photographer and videographer to capture precious moments of your big day, nothing compares to the energetic response from guests who smile over their own photo booth pictures that they get to keep for themselves. Not only do they eagerly talk about their poses and the photos they want to post on social media, but they remain excited with this form of “entertaiment” the entire night. Photo booths have become a must-have element for weddings and celebrations of all sorts. Yet, recent years have shown a new wave of photo booth trends that add extra pizzazz to an already spectacular party.

Bride and groom in front of flower wall photo booth backdrop

Photo by Kat Braman Photography; Planning & Design by Posh Parties

Wedding photo booths are very different from ones at amusement parks or carnivals that require you to insert a few dollars. They are free for all guests and can be customized to your choosing. Some machines offer more than just photo strips. Take a look at the following trends to see how photo booths have evolved and become real crowd-pleasers.

Another distinct feature about wedding photo booths is that they are not always bound into four walls. Therefore, you can add any kind of backdrop. From sequined material to a wall of flowers, the options are endless.

Guests will have a blast with oversized hats, glasses, picture frames, boa scarves, signs, and any other props you’d like to have on hand. Some photo booth companies provide their own props, but you can always provide your own.

These images are not used just for memes. Nightclubs and arenas allow guests to create their own GIFs, and wedding photo booths have started to follow this trend. Guests will enjoy customizing their GIFs, which they can email to themselves and post on social media.

Digital Screens
If you do not want to limit your attendees to just one backdrop, you can always elect a photo booth that offers different digital screens. Guests will then be able to choose which backdrop they want to snapshot.

Customized Design
Whether you want the hashtag printed on the strips or have a specific color scheme in mind, your photo booth vendor will help create your desired design. This is entirely optional, but many couples take advantage of this offer.

Adding Photos to the Guest Book
In lieu of a traditional guest book signing, you can opt for your loved ones to place photos inside of a book and write a message next to it. This is a very personal touch that many couples adore, and you will be able to look back and see the excitement from guests.

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