Grooms Share Their Advice for Wedding Planning

For those who want to be involved, as well as those who don't.

Read on for wedding planning advice from real grooms featured in the pages of Inside Weddings, and see how their big days turned out!

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As much as gender roles have softened over time, when wedding planning is discussed, people don’t often think of the groom. However, it is their day too. While different men may choose to have different levels of involvement, newlywed men still have guidance for those planning their own nuptials. Read below for wedding planning advice from real grooms featured in the pages of Inside Weddings, and click each name to find out how their big days turned out!

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Photo by Jonathan Connolly Photography

“Be as helpful as you can, and try to make the day perfect for your wife.” - Sam  

“Enjoy it! There will be a little bit of stress, a little bit of family questioning things, but overall a lot of happiness  – and true happiness at that – which is hard to come by.” - Trevor

“Get a planner! They are priceless!” - Cody

“When she asks you to pick between ‘egg-shell white’ and ‘ivory,’ have a good answer. And unless for some reason it truly matters a lot to you, always end with ‘but it’s not a deal-breaker.’” - Andrew

“My advice is to always be involved in the process with your fiancée, especially with the vendor appointments, because not only does it help you visualize the big picture of your wedding, but it also helps how the vendors see your personality as a couple so they have a better understanding of what you really like.” - Kimbal

“There is no such thing as starting too early! We booked our venue 12 months in advance and still only got our second weekend of choice.” - Brian

“My advice is to help as much as possible, realize how much work it is and how much people are doing to support you, and most of all, don’t underestimate the ceremony.” - Stuart

“Know what your strengths are, communicate with your future wife, and find out where your help is wanted or needed. It’s a team event; every couple does it differently.” - Cory

“First, have your bachelor party at least three weeks before the wedding – gives the bumps and bruises, which will inevitably happen, time to heal – and second, but most importantly, just say ‘yes’ to all her requests!” - Brian

“Do what you are told and smile.” - Josh 

“Make sure you are vocal about what is important to you and make sure it is incorporated into the celebration. At the end of the day, you do not want to have any regrets so make sure you put in your requirements as well.” - Eric

“Two things:  One, pick your battles wisely; and two, know it will all be worth it once the wedding arrives.” - Ryan 

“Don’t procrastinate finding your suit or tuxedo! I thought it would be so easy to find my tuxedo, but little did I know how complex the process can be, especially if you plan on investing in purchasing one instead of renting.” - Joshua

“Try to take short breaks and savor moments, because it all rushes by in an instant.” - Christopher