How to Create Your Wedding Hashtag

Stumped on how to combine your names or think of something clever? Get tips here!

The more clever the hashtag, the more unique it will be – ensuring all of the photos on the hashtag feed are dedicated to one couple. Get ideas for your own wedding hashtag!

Photo: Kat Braman Photography

Perhaps one of the most popular trends of nuptials as of late is the wedding hashtag. Regardless of style, venue, theme, or color palette, couples all across the world are creating unique hashtags for their celebrations that allow their guests to share images in an organized fashion on Instagram and other social media sites. The more clever the hashtag, the more unique it will be – ensuring all of the photos on the hashtag feed are dedicated to one couple. Need help? There are now services that will create your very own unique hashtag!

There are a number of ways to personalize your wedding hashtag, and depending on your first and last names, where your celebration will take place, and the theme of your day, the difficulty of creating a hashtag that makes sense and can be truly your own varies from couple to couple. Brides and grooms with uncommon names often have an easier time crafting a hashtag, while those with more traditional names may need to get creative!

To help inspire your own wedding hashtag, we've gathered some of our favorites from real weddings and grouped them into the "type" of hashtag they fall into. Take a look below, and be sure to click on each image to see more from these celebrations!

Last Name
Many couples choose to create their hashtag around their new shared last name. Something as simple as #MeetThe[Insert Last Name] could work well, or try incorporating another word that's meaningful for you as a couple or one that describes your celebration.

Champagne glasses escort cards with wedding hashtag

Photo by Maya Myers Photography; Planning & Design by Sterling Engagements

Wedding hashtag on cloud straw cocktail hour

Photo by Thisbe Grace Photography; Planning & Design by Jordan Payne Events

Wedding hashtag sign at wedding reception

Photo by KLK Photography; Planning & Design by Bluebell Events; Rentals by Revelry Event Designers

Combination of Names
Whether you choose to combine your two last names in a clever way – like #MARRYitFoulger (below) for Elyse Marriott & Douglas Foulger's wedding, select something more simple such as #MaxAndHil, or use a celebrity-style merger of your names such as #IsabElliot, this is a fun hashtag style that guests love and will be excited to share!

Wood sign with calligraphy Marriott Foulger wedding selfie stick

Photo by Tec Petaja; Floral Design by Amaryllis Inc.; Planning & Design by SoCo Events

Fun wedding favors sunglasses and drink stirrers with wedding hashtag

Photo by Kat Braman Photography; Planning & Design by Posh Parties

Play on Words
Couples who have last names that can make a clever play on words often create some of the most unique hashtags. This often allows photos from their wedding to be the only images on the hashtag page. If you can do something like this – we recommend it! Some of our couples have used their new last name as inspiration, such as the Khangs with #KHANGratulations, the Bigotts with #WeGOTTBigLove, and the Beggs with #BEGGinningForever.

Mirror with wedding hashtag

Photo by Next Exit Photography; Planning & Design by Ilana Ashley Events

Framed wedding hashtag sign at reception

Photo by 
Wendy Wilson Photography; Paper Goods by Nico and Lala

Framed wedding hashtag sign ideas

Photo by 
Painted Peacock Photography

How They Met
Other brides and grooms decide to incorporate a hashtag that explains a bit about their relationship, such as how they first met. For example, Sarah and Jason met on a popular dating app, so their personalized wedding hashtag was #SandJSwipedRight.

How they met wedding hashtag in chalkboard sign frame blue outside reception

Photo by Carasco Photography

Inspired by the Venue
Particularly popular for destination weddings, some pairs choose to incorporate both their last name and the location where they will be saying "I do." For example, the Hartmans wed in Aspen and created the #IHartAspen hashtag for their welcome bags, while the Justices exchanged vows on the James River and used the hashtag #JusticeOnTheJames.

Welcome bag with destination wedding inspired wedding hashtag

Photo by Aaron Delesie Photographer

Southern wedding frame wedding hashtag sign

Photo by Patricia Lyons Photography; Paper Goods by Nico and Lala

For more wedding hashtag ideas, discover clever ways to display your hashtag at the ceremony and reception, and gather eight tips for coming up with the perfect wedding hashtag.