How to Determine Your Wedding Invitation Style

Discovering the look that works best for you.

How to Determine Your Wedding Invitation Style

Whether it’s a fun save-the-date card or an elegant invitation, your wedding stationery gives guests their first glimpse of your wedding style. You only get one chance to make a first impression, so choosing the right set of stationery is a huge step in setting the tone for your big day! Before you begin your search for the perfect invitation suite, see which end of the style spectrum reflects your personality best.


If a conservative aesthetic is what you generally lean towards, you will probably be most comfortable with a classic style of stationery. The look is essentially timeless – when you pull it out in 10, 20 or 30 years, your invitation will still resonate beautifully with you. Classic style is not so much about an individual design, but more about some general elements of the stationery. Neutral colors such as taupe or navy blue give invitations longevity, while basic blacks and grays on white are utterly timeless. Ecru papers – often textured or embossed with a rich matte finish – are also popular within this category. Traditional embellishments such as scrollwork, monograms, and floral patterns add a touch of flair. When it comes to individual components, it is typical to include an invitation card with inner and outer envelopes; a reception card if applicable; and a response card with envelope. (Coordinating thank-you notes are also common but optional.) Having the envelopes addressed by a professional calligrapher adds a special touch and makes a striking first impression!


If you prefer a modern look that represents your personal style or the theme of your wedding, an invitation from the contemporary category may be the best match for you. Lush color is prominent in modern invitation sets, and interesting pairings such as yellow with grey or purple with orange are extremely popular. Bold, abstract designs and patterns are common in modern invitations, and motifs ranging from natural (think birds and foliage) to rustic (mason jars and metal lanterns) are popular, too. Environmentally friendly materials are a cornerstone of this category, and the sky’s the limit on shapes or sizes (circles and squares are fun options). An inner envelope may be considered unnecessary in a modern invitation set, but there are plenty of other optional components that are quite popular. Maps, meal-preference cards, and general enclosure cards that offer travel tips and local highlights are among the fashionable choices. Cards that feature an image of the bridal couple on their wedding day or honeymoon are the latest in thank-yous, and picture postcards are a new trend, too.


If your personal style falls somewhere between classic and contemporary, there are ways to express both categories successfully. It’s not a mismatch to have a save-the-date card that is bold while the wedding invite is a little more traditional in design with some personal touches. There are many ways to do classic with a twist. Distinctive typography is very big right now – the font alone can make a unique impression with the simple use of serifs, all caps, or fluid lines. A neutral invitations with a splash of color is distinctive as well. Envelopes can be lined with color and texture to add a little pop. Whether you’re leaning towards timeless elegance or cutting-edge cool, your invitation will be the first peek of your wedding style that you reveal to the world. Give some thought to what you want your wedding stationery to say about you, and piece together the perfect set from the fantastic options at your fingertips. 

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