How to Find the Right Song for the Parent Dances

Whether father-daughter, mother-son, or another iteration, here's how to make the decision.

How to Find the Right Song for the Parent Dances

Photo: KingenSmith

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After the rush of getting engaged, an affianced couple is often faced with many decisions to make about the day they get married. Many of these choices can be made with the assistance of a wedding planner, but others are more personal. Though you may leave most of the music selection to a band or DJ, even for novelties such as the bouquet or garter toss, we imagine you’d want to carefully pick a special tune for your first dance. If you choose to also have a father-daughter, mother-son, or any of the plethora of permutations for family dances to start off your reception, you may be stuck on what song is the right choice.

“The best songs for the father-daughter and mother-son dances that I have seen have been songs that remind the bride or groom of memories with their parents or grandparents (someone of significance) when they were young,” explains DJ Herick of Happen. If there aren’t any sentimental favorites that come to mind immediately, it can be a lovely gesture to have the parent in question pick a tune that makes them think of their childhood. After all, the years spent raising you are probably top of mind as they see you get closer to your wedding day.

No matter how many or how few years you’ve spent living on your own, a wedding is a big milestone for many parents. But what if the song your mom or dad picks doesn’t feel like it belongs in a wedding? “These days, it doesn’t necessarily need to be a slow song,” DJ Herick affirms. An upbeat number certainly isn’t the worst thing in the world, particularly if you’re hoping everyone dances all night at the reception. “These dances are meant to invoke emotion and you have the attention of every guest in the room, so it’s the one opportunity to set the tone for the rest of the evening,” confirms DJ Herick. 

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