How to Use Cover Songs in Your Wedding

Worried your favorite love song is to fast-paced for the big day? Here's your answer.

How to Use Cover Songs in Your Wedding

Photo: Vue Photography

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Music is one of the most important features in a wedding. Not only is it typically the main source of entertainment at the reception, but it is also at the center of special rituals throughout the day. Carefully chosen songs will be the soundtrack to your most treasured memories – walking down the aisle as you see the reaction on the face of your beloved, swaying in each other’s arms during your first dance as a married couple, and more. However, sometimes your taste, or that of your future spouse, doesn’t quite fit with what’s considered the right vibe of a wedding. Sure, once dancing begins just about anything goes, but those special tunes are typically expected to be softer and slower. What’s a couple to do when their favorite love song doesn’t seem to fit?

“I’m a big fan of covers for every moment,” reveals DJ Herick of Happen. “This is a great way to incorporate a song or band that the couple loves and have it be wedding appropriate. I once had a couple that wanted the bride to walk [down the aisle] to Guns N’ Roses and I was able to find a beautiful acoustic cover that brought everyone to tears. This kept things traditional as well as added a personal touch. When guests started to realize the song, there were smiles throughout.”

The father/daughter or mother/son dances are also a good opportunity to get creative with different renditions of popular songs. “A modern-day cover of a song that was sung to a bride or groom by their parent throughout their youth showcases that music is meant to be the soundtrack of your life,” confirms DJ Herick. 

Acoustic covers are great for specialty dances at the reception, and instrumental versions of popular tunes can be beautiful for the ceremony. Whitney Lane, an event designer at Paulette Wolf Events, had the orchestra play a rendition of “Young and Beautiful” by Lana Del Rey as she walked down the aisle at her own wedding. Even if you do not have live musicians at your ceremony, there are often many classical covers of modern songs to be utilized on your special day.

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