Why Live Event Artists Are Still a Hot Trend

The real-time painting of live wedding scenes.

Why Live Event Artists Are Still a Hot Trend

Photo: Tim Otto Photography

Many of our recent wedding submissions have featured a hot trend in entertaining: live event artists such as Jessica Weiss-Marder. These gifted, proficient painters capture wedding ceremonies and receptions on canvas, turning the occasions into dynamic masterpieces, ready to be hung on the wall in a matter of hours. Brides and grooms love these on-the-spot talents. Not only does the attraction amuse guests, but also provides newlyweds with a unique souvenir of their special day that they will cherish for the rest of their lives. Check out a few examples of these artists at work below.

Tim Otto Photography

Yitzhak Dalal Photography

Terry Gruber

LaCour Photography

Opening photograph by Tim Otto Photography