How to Help Your Beloved Keep a Level Head When Planning

6 tips on how to ensure your partner keeps calm during the process of planning your nuptials.

How to Help Your Beloved Keep a Level Head When Planning

Photo: Justin DeMutiis Photography

While embarking on the road to your vows is an exciting time, any former bride or groom will tell you that the process of planning a wedding can cause a significant amount of unfamiliar stress. Unless you work in the event planning industry, many of the tasks that accompany organizing your nuptials will be quite different from the stress you face in your everyday life. Unfortunately, this can cause anxiety, which can lead to arguments between you and your partner. It’s imperative to keep calm during this period, as well as to ensure the steady nerves of your beloved.

If you sense your sweetie is feeling too overwhelmed, if you want to preemptively prevent them from freaking out, or if you simply want to establish a healthy way for you and your partner to deal with wedding-related frustrations, here are a few quick tips:

-   Divide up tasks fairly. As mentioned in our article on how to deal with planning while long distance, it’s important to take on what you feel most comfortable with and what you know you can do well. Of course, this means that your tasks will not be split right down the middle; however, doing tasks that you find particularly fun, interesting, or at least relatively easy will make the process much faster. There will likely be a few things that neither of you are particularly excited about, and these are the tasks you can complete together.

-   Have designated “no wedding talk” dates. You may have heard of this idea before – and that’s because it works! Plan weekly date nights wherein discussing your upcoming nuptials is off limits. You don’t have to plan elaborate excursions – a night in, unwinding over dinner and a movie is the perfect way to de-stress and reconnect with your loved one. Enforcing this rule will help keep up the light, playful vibe in your romance and allow you to just spend time together.

-   Gift little relaxation sessions. Whether your know a great local spa with couples massage packages or simply know your partner enjoys a particular scented candle, surprising your sweetie with a small token of your love will reaffirm your love and commitment, as well as serve as a catalyst for their repose.

-   Walk them through tasks you’ve completed. Update your partner on the various wedding chores you had the opportunity to finish. This will help both of you to stay informed, as well as give your sweetie the same sense of accomplishment you likely feel. It’s a more tangible way for you both to feel one step closer to the finish line – your “I dos!”

-   Hold each other accountable for healthy meals and lots of sleep. Keep one another on track with the little things in life – including getting enough food and sleep. Stress can really throw us off of our daily routines, causing us to stay up late and skip meals in an effort to get everything done. However, if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything. Make sure your beloved is getting nutritious cuisine and getting to bed at a reasonable hour to prevent them from getting ill. Additionally, food and rest will help the brain to function properly, which in and of itself will help to keep a level head. 

-   If applicable, focus energy on planning fun honeymoon activities. As a fun treat – that also counts as planning! – take breaks from the mundane or tedious wedding tasks to discuss honeymoon excursions and other fun travel plans. If the guest list is really bogging you both down, switch over to the list of enjoyable offerings at a few resorts, read travel blogs, and talk to friends who have been to the place (or places) you’re considering. If you’re farther along in the process, start booking snorkeling trips, scenic hikes, and sightseeing tours to help you get excited and stay playful!

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Opening photo by Justin DeMutiis Photography; Wedding Planning & Design by Très Chic Southern Weddings & Events