How to Select the Perfect Photographer for You

Learn ways to decide if the photographer you want for your wedding is The One.

You’ve seen endless posts, you have a multitude of inspirational images pinned, liked, tagged, and saved… and now it’s time to choose a photographer for your very own wedding!

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Photo: Maya Myers Photography

You’ve seen endless posts, you have a multitude of inspirational images pinned, liked, tagged, and saved… and now it’s time to choose a photographer for your very own wedding. It’s both exciting and overwhelming. How do you select a photographer when there are so many professionals with various styles and personalities to choose from?

Discover perspective from the other side of the camera by easing into the big decision while asking yourself the following questions.

Photo by Maya Myers Photography

How do you want to spend time with your photographer on your wedding day?
There is no right or wrong way to enjoy your wedding day – it is your day. If having amazing portraits is especially important to you, it needs to be planned in advance. Does your photographer offer a timeline consultation? Will they help create a list of the different groupings? Are they able to scout your location beforehand to find the best spots? It’s necessary to ensure these services are provided before you hire your photographer. Here’s a tip: Get it all in writing!

On the other hand, if you want the focus to be on all the special, natural moments, it’s important to know that your photographer can capture them candidly. Having the action and emotions of the day photographed is especially vital in this instance, so make sure to see samples of their work and ask about their process.

What aesthetic are you planning and how do you want it captured?
Every few years, a new trend arises for wedding photography – light and airy, moody, vibrant, you name it. If your vision is set on a certain look, make sure your desired photographer is able to capture your nuptials the way you picture it. Your best option is to view a few complete wedding galleries and review how each portion of the day is photographed. Some photographers may be incredibly talented with candid moments, but when it comes to details and décor they are less apt. If there is a certain trend you love, ask yourself, Will I want to remember my day like this 15, 25, 50 years from now? 

Are you interested in having your wedding featured in a publication? 
I’ve had couples who hired me specifically because I’ve been published, and I’ve had others request complete discretion; both motivations are completely valid! If you would like to see yourselves in the magazines you love, have a conversation with your photographer. Make sure they know what needs to be photographed in order to be considered for publication and plan accordingly so they have time to capture everything seamlessly.

If you prefer privacy, request that your photographer refrain from using the likeness of you and your guests in their portfolios unless permission is granted. Most photographers are respectful and want to make sure your requests are honored.

Photo by Maya Myers Photography

What should you do if you don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera?
Think about how comfortable you feel around your prospective photographer. If your initial conversation feels natural, you are on the right path. Your photographer is the one person who will be by your side most of the wedding day, so you want to make sure you feel at ease in their presence. Consider having an engagement session with your photographer to experience how he or she works.

Will your photographer take lighting into account?
Having knowledge of lighting is necessary to ensure the images of candid moments, portraits, detail shots, and more all look exquisite. If you are having an outdoor wedding, make sure your photographer knows how to photograph in the daylight, direct sunlight, et cetera. If you are hosting an indoor or nighttime wedding, they’ll need to be able to light it! Your photographer will need to be prepared with flashes and off-camera lights, or simply know how to shoot in the given lighting to make sure you, your guests, and your décor look exceptional in the imagery. Ask to see samples of weddings in similar settings so you can ensure you’ll be happy with the way your celebration is photographed.

May your wedding be the most incredible day of your lives and represent your unity and your memories captured just as you experienced them, with love and beauty. 

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