How to Write a Love Letter for Your Wedding

Learn how to write a sweet note to your future spouse.

Brides and grooms alike will often send a card or letter to their beloved while getting ready for the big day.

Photo: Carasco Photography

The morning of your wedding is an exciting time, as it’s the last moment you can reflect on this step in your relationship. Yet, for most couples, they spend it without seeing the person they are about to marry. That’s why brides and grooms alike will often send a card or letter to their beloved while getting ready for the big day. This is an especially popular idea with those who elect to not have a “first look” before the ceremony, as it’s a way to share a moment together without physically being in each other’s presence. Of course, in these modern times it’s highly possible that you have never written your sweetheart a love letter before. As such, you might not know where to begin, so here are some tips to help you get started. 

how to write a love letter on your wedding day

Photo by Hugh Forte; Planning & Design by Tessa Lyn Events

- Stay true to yourself. Your fiancé(e) loves you for you; so don’t try to dress up with emotions with flowery prose that you would never ordinarily write. There is a good chance it would come across as disingenuous, which is not exactly the vibe you want on your wedding day. 

- Focus on the future. Writing about moments you’ve shared together is lovely, but in the spirit of the occasion it’s nice to highlight the step the two of you are taking together. Sharing what you look forward to can help give the note an appropriately dreamy quality. Just make sure not to drop any bombshells you haven’t discussed previously!

- Keep it short and sweet. Getting ready for a wedding tends to be on a fairly strict timeline. Save your magnum opus for a future anniversary – your soon-to-be spouse won’t have time to read pages and pages describing your love for them, as much as they may want to!

- Add a special detail. A spritz of your signature perfume or cologne, a kiss with your lipstick, a little doodle of the two of you – any special touch that helps set a handwritten note apart from a long text will make the love letter something to treasure forever.