Is a Yacht Wedding Right for You?

Discover the positives and negatives of getting married on the sea.

Those who live near the water and enjoy boating, or simply have a great affinity for either, may want to consider hosting their wedding on a yacht.

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In earlier generations, there were relatively few options when it came to weddings. Now that nuptials are more of way to represent the couple, people are more likely to find design elements that reflect their personalities. Another way to achieve this goal is by choosing a venue that stands out. Those who live near the water and enjoy boating, or simply have a great affinity for either, may want to consider hosting their wedding on a yacht. Of course, as with any venue option – particularly those that are off the beaten path – there are both pros and cons to this choice. Read below to help you decide if a yacht wedding is right for you. 

pros and cons of getting married on a yacht, should you get married on a yacht?
Photo by George Street Photo & Video


- 360 degree views. Obviously the ocean (or bay, etc.) is all around, but there can be lovely vistas of the city lights on the shore as well. If timed right, your ceremony backdrop can be during sunset, or guests can enjoy it during cocktail hour.

- Package deals. If researching numerous vendors has you daydreaming about just eloping instead, the fact that companies that offer yacht weddings often have a whole team of vendors they work with might make you feel more at ease. 

- Unique setting. While your guests have likely seen a vow exchange at a hotel or country club, hosting your nuptials on a sea vessel will make it a night to remember. 


- Seasickness. Usually the yachts don’t travel fast enough to be an issue, but providing motion sickness bracelets for your attendees can be helpful. 

- Weather is more of a factor. Rain is a problem for any outdoor ceremony, but the plan B on the boat might not be as appealing. Heavy winds can also make it too dangerous to go out to sea. 

- No time flexibility. Not only can guests not be late, but also leaving early isn’t an option. Emergencies are especially disruptive – what can be handled quietly on land will require the entire celebration to head back to the dock. 

If tying the knot on a yacht is your dream, don’t be too discouraged by these cons. Keeping the sea vessel docked at the harbor can solve many of these issues. Another solution is only having the ceremony on the yacht and the reception on shore, perhaps at the yacht club. 

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