The Pros & Cons of Hosting an Outdoor Wedding in the Summer

What couples should consider while planning their outdoor summer soirée.

If you are currently considering an alfresco summer wedding, take a look at the following pros and cons to see if you overlooked an important element.

Photo: Elizabeth Messina

As many wedding planners and engaged couples can agree, summer is a wonderful season for tying the knot. The sun is shining, the days last longer, and the nights get warmer. A popular trend for weddings occurring during the summer months is hosting an alfresco ceremony and reception. This includes venues such as a beach or lake, country club, park, and even in the yard of a private residence.

Outdoor wedding ceremony in the summer months overlooking ocean pros and cons

Photo by Brian Leahy Photography; Floral Design by Butterfly Floral & Event Design; Planning & Design by Tessa Lyn Events


Though these locations are quite picturesque for a summer soirée, an outdoor celebration may not be ideal for every bride and groom. If you are currently considering an outdoor summer wedding, take a look at the following pros and cons to see if you overlooked an important element.

Pros of Hosting an Outdoor Summer Wedding

The sun is out longer.

Since the sun sets much later on summer evenings, you can always begin your occasion at a later time when the temperature drops. The longer days also allow for more time to take photographs within the day.

Slim chances of stormy weather.

Sometimes there is rain in June, but it’s typically short-lived and doesn’t affect the overall dynamic of the rest of the day’s arrangements. There may be a breeze during your ceremony or reception, but you will most likely not have to worry about harsh rain – and definitely no snow. Obviously if you are in a tropical locale, humidity and rain might come with the territory and you’ve still chosen the place because you love it and have a backup plan ready.

Greater guest attendance

If you are still in school or have younger relatives who are special to you and you want to be present, summer is a great time to host a wedding. Those with children might also appreciate the summer date as they’ve banked their vacation time for those months. Your destination may be a great way for family members to spend additional time together and make an extended vacation out of the trip after your big day.

Cons of Hosting an Outdoor Summer Wedding

Heat and humidity may be bothersome.

Maybe you are wearing a long, heavy gown, or your guests are not accustomed to hotter weather. You must also keep in mind that the heat can melt the wedding cake and affect any other foods or desserts you place outside as well as wilt flowers quickly.

The sunshine may affect the lighting of your photos.

Bright sunlight often casts a shadow over faces in photographs, which may affect your overall satisfaction with the images. Discuss this with your photographer; he/she will prepare and let you know which areas of the venue are perfect for photographs. Read this photographer's summer wedding tips!

You may not have shade.

You do not want your guests to be uncomfortable with the heat or too much direct sunlight. If this is a concern, be sure to rent an airy tent or find a venue with a grand tree on property. Sunglasses, sun shades, parasols, and refreshing drinks are other nice ideas to keep attendees feeling in a celebratory mood.

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