Should You Have a Cake or Cupcakes at Your Wedding?

Find out which dessert choice best fits your taste.

Should You Have a Cake or Cupcakes at Your Wedding?

Photo: Laurie Bailey Photography

Once you have decided on the perfect appetizers, entrees, and cocktails for your reception, you might be wondering how the wedding cake should look and taste. After all, the cake – namely the cake cutting – plays a large role in generations of wedding tradition. The choices are endless between cake flavors, design, and styles. Although cake has been a customary wedding dessert for centuries, recent years have shown an increasing interest in a different form of the pastry: cupcakes.

The two confections may be the same ingredient-wise, but the way they are baked changes everything. Maybe you prefer to slice it with your sweetheart before all of your guests, or prefer for guests to come and grab a cupcake at their convenience. You might even think that multiple options are appealing and offer both selections to attendees. This decision ultimately depends on preference. Take a look at the following dessert choices if you are still unsure about which one you should pursue – it might help you settle on your answer!


Wedding cake is a timeless feature for any wedding regardless of theme. It never goes out of style and allows for the most creative ideas. Your cake can be adorned with an array of elements from blooms to fabric-like details, or may even help to illustrate a specific design, theme, or story for your wedding. Aside from aesthetics, it is important to note that although a cake makes great photo memories, it will take time to slice it and serve all your guests. A good tip is to have sheet cake – of the same flavors – already sliced and prepped to be passed immediately following the cutting. Flavors and food allergies are other important factors to be considered. You and your beloved might love coconut cake with pistachio filling, but others may better enjoy a simple, but delicious, all-chocolate cake. Photo by Karlisch Photography


Cupcakes are a wonderful way to embrace indecisiveness. You can have different flavors of cake and/or frosting while also including multiple colors and designs. They are easily accessible, easy to arrange in creative ways, and convenient for guests to grab instantly. Photo by Sallee Photography


Maybe you’ve come to a point where you cannot choose between the two because you admire both aesthetics and accessibility. If so, there are many fun and creative ways to feature the two pastries at your reception as seen on Pinterest. Guests will also be able to choose between a cupcake, a slice, or can enjoy both! Photo by Jana Williams Photography

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