11 Unique Alternatives to a Traditional Wedding Guest Book

We invite you to think out of the box and discover inspiration from real weddings.

One way to personalize your wedding is to toss the idea of a traditional guest book and have some fun with it instead! Instead of leaving well-wishes in a book, invite guests to write on a future piece of décor, leave their mark on puzzle pieces for future game days, or even provide ideas for date nights!

Photo: Chard Photo

It seems that nearly every couple's main goal is to personalize their wedding. When planning the details of their special day, customizing any item possible helps pairs infuse their personality into the event – whether they're having a laid-back soirée or a formal fête. Friends and family are coming from near and far to celebrate your marriage, so why not share your love story throughout the ceremony and reception? 

One way to personalize your wedding is to toss the idea of a traditional guest book and have some fun with it instead! Loved ones can still leave their well-wishes and sign their names, but instead of doing so in a book, invite them to write on a future piece of décor for your home, leave their mark on puzzle pieces or Jenga blocks for future games on rainy days, or even provide ideas for date night and advice for milestone anniversaries... The options are endless. The first step is to decide what is of important to you as a couple, and go from there!

For some ideas, take a look at 11 unique alternatives to the traditional guest book, below! Discover more inspiration by clicking on each photo to see more from these real weddings.

1. Polished Wood Display

wedding guest book alternative polished reclaimed wood slab

Ideal for a rustic wedding, consider having guests sign a beautiful slab of polished wood. As a bonus, the piece can be displayed in your home for years to come. Photo by Brett Butterstein Photography; From Real Wedding: Incredible Tented Ceremony & Barn Reception at a Ranch in Aspen

2. Puzzle Pieces

wedding guest book alternative personalized wood puzzle pieces

For the couple who loves game night, ask loved ones to sign individual puzzle pieces that all work together to create a unique custom puzzle. Photo by Bonnie Sen Photography; Floral Design by Amaryllis Floral & Event Design; From Real Wedding: Outdoor Ceremony & Tented Reception by a Tranquil River in Maryland

3. Jenga Blocks

wedding guest book alternative jenga blocks with wedding date

Another option for the game-loving duo, ask friends and family to sign wood blocks that you can use for future Jenga games. You can also have the wood blocks personalized with your names and wedding date. Photo by Annette Navarro; From Real Wedding: Romantic Garden Wedding with White & Green Motif in Cincinnati

4. Date Night Ideas

wedding guest book alternative date jar best date ideas

Instead of having guests simply sign a guest book, ask them to write their ideas for future date nights. When you're not sure how to spend a Friday night, take an idea out of the jar! Photo by Kathleen Geiberger Photography; From Real Wedding: Vibrant & Colorful Seaside Wedding in Southern California

5. Photo Guest Book

wedding guest book alternatives flower wall monogram photo booth guest book

Photo booths are very popular at weddings, so why not incorporate the photos into a guest book? Have your photo booth operator print one photo for the guest to take home and another for them to sign that the couple can keep! Photo by Leslie Ann Photography; From Real Wedding: A Romantic, Classic Wedding at a Villa-Inspired Venue in Arizona

6. Musical Instrument

wedding guest book alternatives black guitar with gold sharpie

If you and your future spouse love music or play an instrument – such as the guitar – have loved ones sign the instrument of choice! You can display it in your home or choose to use it for practicing. Photo by Chard Photo; From Real Wedding: Nashville Wedding with a Black, White, and Gold Color Palette

7. Globe

wedding guest book alternative globe with wood sign

Travel lovers will enjoy this guest book idea. Ask attendees to sign a globe that can be displayed in your home or office! Photo by Sarah & Ben; From Real Wedding: Florida Wedding Celebration with Vibrant Colors and Wooden Details

8. Wishing Tree

wedding guest book alternative wishing tree crystal and wood pieces

Have your guest "book" double as wedding décor. Create a wishing tree by asking friends and relatives to leave their wishes, words of wisdom, or advice for the bride and groom on a tag that will be suspended from the arrangement. Photo by Jana Williams Photography; From Real Wedding: Ivory, Gold & Blush Lakefront New Hampshire Wedding

9. Vintage Movie Poster

wedding guest book alternative vintage movie poster

Couples who enjoy going to the movies or antiques will enjoy having guests write their well-wishes on a vintage-inspired movie poster from yesteryear that can be displayed in your home. Photo by KingenSmith; From Real Wedding: Elegant Vintage-Inspired Destination Wedding in Chicago

10. Wine or Whisky Barrel

wedding guest book alternative whiskey barrel

Wine and whisky lovers can have attendees sign a barrel to commemorate the wedding day. Since there's plenty of surface on which to write, this is a great option for a large celebration. Photo by Heather Nan Photography; From Real Wedding: Fall-Themed Wedding with Eggplant & Fuchsia Décor in Deer Valley

11. Wine Bottle

wedding guest book alternative large wine bottle

If you're serving a wine that's special to you and your beloved during the reception, consider having the same wine variety in a magnum-sized bottle for guests to sign with metallic markers. Another idea is to leave a large bottle on each table. That way, you can open the bottles on future anniversaries and read the sweet sentiments from your wedding day. Photo by David Michael Photography; From Real Wedding: Cool, Classic California Wedding with a Unique Guestbook

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