The Benefits of the New Snapchat Feature for Your Wedding Day

You may already know about geofilters, but there's a new way to use Snapchat for your wedding.

The Benefits of the New Snapchat Feature for Your Wedding Day

Photo: The Observatory

Though some people prefer to keep their wedding celebration offline, others are looking for every way to embrace social media on the big day. For those who can’t get enough of sharing pictures and statuses, the popular app Snapchat has released a new feature: custom stories. If you’re not already familiar with Snapchat stories, it’s what everyone who follows a person on Snapchat can see, whatever pictures or short videos that are uploaded to the “story” in a 24-hour period. Large cities and big events also have stories curated for those occasions, which are public to anyone in the defined area. The new custom stories allow for a group of people, such as your bridal party or wedding guests, to share their snaps in a collection with everyone taking part in the event you create.

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Photo by The Observatory; Planning & Design by SoCo Events

This feature not only allows you to see the festivities in chronological order and all in one place, but you also have increased privacy options so you can limit who can view the story – meaning you can share freely without feeling guilty about people who weren’t invited. Custom stories seems like an especially great option for bachelor and bachelorette parties, so you can take part in all the fun of Snapchat and review the memories in the morning, all while making sure “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” 

As many celebrities have public Snapchat accounts in order to share their lives with fans, custom stories will allow them to take part in the fun of social media like average citizens, without compromising their privacy. We certainly wouldn’t be surprised if supermodel Miranda Kerr and Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel and their famous guests took part in the new feature during their intimate wedding over Memorial Day Weekend. 

Can’t figure out how to create a custom story? Be sure to update the app first! Then click the plus button on the “Stories” page, title your custom story, and select who can add to it and who can view it. 

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