This "Up"-Inspired Anniversary Video is Truly Magical

Real-life Carl and Ellie beautifully celebrated 62 years of marriage.

This "Up"-Inspired Anniversary Video is Truly Magical

Photo: Cassi Claire Photography

If Carl and Ellie were to celebrate their 62nd wedding anniversary, this is exactly how they would do it!

YouTube musician Jason Lyle Black created a video of his grandparents playing the theme from Up on the piano as a duet, to commemorate their impressive wedding anniversary. The couple even dressed up like Carl and Ellie and displayed their own "Adventure Book" and photos of themselves throughout their marriage. 

"My grandparents are a great example of just quiet, ordinary people who live a simple, dedicated life," Black told "There's millions of other couples out there like them, and it's cool for everyone to get that reminder of the loyalty that can exist. This is #relationshipgoals to end all #relationshipgoals. It takes a lot of dedication to make it 60 years."

Watch the impossibly sweet duet in the video above!

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