Wedding Planning Details You Don't Want to Forget

These important aspects can easily fall through the cracks.

Once you get engaged, it can feel like there is an endless to-do list that doesn’t even end once you say “I do.”

Photo: Bob & Dawn Davis Photography

Once you get engaged, it can feel like there is an endless to-do list that doesn’t even end once you say “I do.” With so many major tasks that come with hiring vendors and creating both a timeline and vision for your big day, it’s no surprise that some more minor aspects can fall through the cracks. Sometimes it’s really not a big deal, such as never getting around to purchasing specialty serving tools for your cake cutting. In other instances it can be a near-disaster, such as realizing you have forgot to pack an outfit for your morning-after brunch. Although you probably don’t think your to-do list needs to get any longer, adding these below items will help your wedding celebration go more smoothly. 

wedding planning logistical details you don't want to forget, wedding planning checklist
Photo by Maya Myers Photography

- Bring your invitation suite. There’s no practical reason you would need this, but most photographers will take a few stylized shots of your invitations and save the dates, often with rings or other jewelry. However, it’s easy for brides to forget since there’s otherwise not a use for them on the big day itself. 

- Count yourself. You might not think about it when looking at your guests list and tracking RSVPs, but when you confirm your final numbers with your caterer it’s important to remember yourself and your future spouse!

- Include vendor meals and gratuity. When sorting your budget, incidentals such as providing contracted meals for your vendors and offering gratuity are easy to miss when doing your calculations. These costs can add up though, and may lead to you unexpectedly going over budget if you’re not careful. 

- Wedding party transportation. You’ve probably already booked something special to arrive to the ceremony as well as for your grand exit as newlyweds, but what about your attendants? Especially if the vow exchange and reception are in separate places, someone needs to know how everyone will get from point A to point B, even if it’s simply having relatives drive your crew. 

- Add extra ceremony seating. Save your guests the trouble of moving around to make room for groups to sit together and add some extra chairs for the vow exchange. If you happen to have a large bridal party who will be standing throughout the ceremony, however, this is likely unnecessary. 

For more ideas, find out how much time you should take off work during your engagement, discover which season should be your wedding date, and learn which detail shots your photographer shouldn't miss.

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