What Bridesmaids Should Leave at Home Before the Wedding

Not everything belongs in the emergency kit!

What Bridesmaids Should Leave at Home Before the Wedding

Photo: Averyhouse

Being a bridesmaid can be a busy job – depending on how much effort you put into the position. There are dresses to pick out, bridal showers and bachelorette parties to plan, envelopes to stuff, and a whole host of tasks on the big day itself. We have covered what items bridesmaids should be sure to remember to have with them on the wedding day, but what about the things that you should leave at home?

Below are our tips of what you should let go of for your friend’s special day – unless, of course, the bride specifically requests you bring one of these forbidden items!

- An unexpected guest. Generally, we think it is polite for the couple of honor to provide a plus one for members of their bridal party, but if they don’t, it is something you have to accept. At the very least, you should ask if you can bring someone beforehand, so your guest will be included in the seating chart and catering count.
- A flask of alcohol. Chances are there will be mimosas while you’re getting ready and you’ll need to be alert and on your best behavior for the photos and ceremony. If you could use some liquid courage before a choreographed entrance, well, that’s what cocktail hour is for!
- A change of clothes. Unless it’s for the after party, it’s not great form to change out of your bridesmaid dress for the reception. If something about the assigned gown makes you uncomfortable, talk to the bride instead of springing it on her and she will probably understand. A wedding is not a situation where “ask for forgiveness, not permission” is an acceptable policy.
- Your laptop or tablet. Even if you think there will be downtime while everyone gets their hair and makeup done, this is a bonding experience – be present. Sporadic access to your smart phone should suffice.

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Opening photo by Averyhouse