Beauty Hacks to Prep for Your Wedding Day

These simple items could help make all the difference!

Luckily, plenty of household or natural items can be used as beauty “hacks” – or simple ways to achieve the look you want.

Photo: Kent Drake Photography

There’s a lot of pressure to look your best on your wedding day. Of course, stress doesn’t tend to help your skin, so that pressure can end up causing problems both emotionally as well as physically. You may try to spend your engagement revamping your beauty routine so you don’t find yourself trying to fix every perceived flaw weeks before the big day. Granted, if you are paying for the celebration yourself, you may be reluctant to drop a lot of money on serums and creams that may not end up being right for you. And if you’re planning the nuptials, well, you may not have enough time to research what is the best for your skin type. Luckily, plenty of household or natural items can be used as beauty “hacks” – or simple ways to achieve the look you want.

- For whiter teeth the natural way, mix baking soda with your toothpaste. However, you should not do this more than once a week or it could damage your enamel.
- Coconut oil has certainly had a moment the last year or two, and for good reason. It makes for a great night cream to even out your skin tone and reduce redness on your face, and it also makes a great moisturizer for your whole body. Rub it on your cuticles to help your manicure look its best. It can even help repair dry and damaged hair!
- Vaseline also has multiple uses. Many people swear by it as lip balm, but it can also condition your lashes with nightly applications, making them glossy. After applying perfume, coat those spots with Vaseline to help lock in the scent and make the fragrance last longer.
- Peppermint oil will help temporarily plump your lips without overly irritating them.
- Green tea bags will help remove puffiness under your eyes. Make sure you don’t use decaf – it’s the caffeine that makes it work.
- Regularly clean your makeup brushes with antibacterial soap to avoid breakouts.
- Always drink lots of water!

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