7 People You Don't Need to Invite to Your Wedding

Because not everyone can make the guest list.

If you’re currently debating who should or should not make the cut to receive an invitation, below is a list of the people you should not feel obligated to include.

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The guest list just might be the most stressful part of the wedding. It affects the budget, family dynamics, potential venues, and the overall vibe of your big day. Some people try to drastically cut down on their guest list in order to secure a dream location, where others might try to pad the number of invitees in order to have even “sides.” If you’re currently debating who should or should not make the cut to receive an invitation, below is a list of the people you should not feel obligated to include. 

who not to invite to your wedding, people you don't have to invite to your wedding
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- Any exes. There are certainly exceptions, such as someone you dated for a few months in high school who became one of your one closest friends who your future spouse also loves, but generally it is just simpler to not invite an ex. Odds are they will understand. 

- Estranged family members. No matter how close the blood relation, if there is a family member who is toxic and not a part of your life anymore, you should not be guilted into inviting them to your big day.

- Frenemies. Unfortunately it’s common to have a friend you don’t really like that much. Since you’re no longer in high school, you probably don’t see this person regularly and interactions are kept to silently judging each other’s Instagram stories. It’s best to keep it that way. 

- Coworkers. Even if you really like your coworkers, inviting them is an easy way to quickly expand your guest list, especially when significant others are included. There is also a risk of hurt feelings if you pick and choose between them. A safe bet is to limit invites to colleagues you see outside of work – after all, that means you’re friends!

- Plus ones for single guests. While certainly a thoughtful gesture, it is absolutely okay to not give single people “plus ones” to your big day. Note that this does not apply to those in relationships, as they should typically be considered a social unit. 

- Children. Plenty of people are happy to include kids in their celebration, but if you aren’t, that’s okay. However, be prepared for potential backlash from the parents on your guest list. 

- Friends of friends. These are usually people you only see at group gatherings because you have a lot of mutual friends. If you never make a point to see them one-on-one (or schedule double dates) then it’s okay to leave them off the list.  

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