What Does Your Wedding Season Say About Your Personality?

The time of year you get married may say more than you think.

The time of year in which you get married may also reflect your personality.

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When a couple announces their engagement, inevitably they are asked variations of the same question: “When’s the date?” Well, when it’s only been a week or so, that decision is probably yet to be made. First you need to consider your guest list, tour venues, and likely set your weekend based on the availability of the chosen location.

However, you may also want to consider what season is right for you and the type of wedding you want. That’s right – the time of year in which you get married may also reflect your personality. If you’ve been stuck on selecting the date of your new anniversary, perhaps these seasonal descriptions will awaken an epiphany, and you’ll realize the answer has been right in front of you all along. Now you just have to book that venue!

photo of couple on ocean rocks in hawaii, what does your wedding season say about your personality?

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Read on to learn what your wedding season says about you, and visit our gallery of real weddings to get inspired by spring, summer, fall, and winter celebrations.

The romantic and girly bride loves this time of year, where you can have an English garden theme and fill your nuptials with fresh blossoms. Traditional and classic couples will fit right in for this wedding season. Though there may be more risk of rain on the day of your nuptials, the optimistic spring bride knows this just means you can have some fabulous pictures under an umbrella with your new spouse.

It’s fitting that the most popular wedding season is indicative of brides who are the life of the party. If you love the outdoors and have a large guest list, a sunny celebration is the right choice for you, as is a breezy gown so you can dance the night away.

Though loving autumn is seen as "basic," fall brides trend towards the quirky and alternative style. This doesn’t mean you’ll have a Halloween wedding or wear a black dress, but you probably at least prefer jewel tones to pastels. Vintage-inspired brides appreciate the rustic look of the season, although Art Deco style is common for autumnal receptions as well.

You are probably quiet and would prefer an intimate affair to an elaborate soirée. Cuddling up by the fire with your beloved is your idea of an ideal date night – not going out to a fancy restaurant. If you dream of family-oriented nuptials, hosting your wedding near the holidays is a great option.