What to Do First on the Morning of Your Wedding

Rise and shine to a relaxing to-do list.

On the morning of your wedding, you should find that the items on the to-do list are checked off. The day has finally arrived and you’ll be putting all of that hard work to good use – celebrating that you’ve found the love of your life. However, there are still a few more things you’ll need to have taken care of before you walk down the aisle. Of course, getting dressed, having your hair and makeup done, and getting photos taken are a must. But what about those first moments after you wake up? There are a few things you should consider doing in order to start the day at your best. 

to-do list morning of the wedding, the first thing to do the morning of your wedding
Photo by Lin & Jirsa Photography; Bridal Salon: The White Dress

- Sleep in more. Obviously you should check the time first, but if your schedule allows for it, take some time to catch a few more Zs – or at least lie down with your eyes closed. You have a big day ahead and you want to be well-rested. 

- Drink a glass of water. Hydration is going to be very important throughout the day, plus it’s a great way to kick-start your metabolism. 

- Eat breakfast. You will still fit into your dress. Now is not the time to be operating on an empty stomach. 

- Write to your sweetheart. A quick romantic text is a cute and charming way to let your beloved know how excited you are to get married. If classically romantic is more your style, pen a letter and have someone deliver it to where your soon-to-be spouse is getting ready.

- Meditate. Have a moment to just take everything in, and then allow yourself to remove all of your jitters and excitement from your mind in order to embrace stillness. 

- Stay off your phone. After any necessary communication is complete, keep it away and live in the moment. If you know you can’t avoid people trying to contact you, designate a trusted loved one to keep an eye out for texts or calls.

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Authored by: Emily Lasnier