What to Do When You're Not Excited About Planning

Wedding planning stress getting you down? Read our suggestions on how to get past it.

What to Do When You're Not Excited About Planning

Photo: Heather Waraska

what to do if you're not excited about wedding planning

Everyone expects women to have spent their lives planning their weddings. Therefore, when a woman becomes engaged, people assume she must be thrilled for all of those hypothetical plans to become a reality. But not everyone swoons over floral centerpieces and has spent their school days sketching out a bridal gown.

Not to mention that once you get past the initial planning, writing checks and reading through contracts isn’t particularly exciting. There’s also a lot of pressure – from society, friends, and even family – to have the perfect wedding. Planning a big event is always stressful, and it’s hard to be excited when you are stressed out! So if you are a bride who is burned out on planning, or just plain not interested in the celebration – don’t fret. You’re not alone. However, it is important to make sure it’s just the planning you are not thrilled about. As long as you’re still looking forward to marrying your sweetheart, everything is going to be okay.

To ease your mind during this stressful time, we’ve put together a quick list of simple tips to deal with planning your wedding when you're not loving the process. 

- Even if you’re only three months away from your date when you hit a wall, you can still hire a professional consultant to iron out the final details. If your venue does not provide one, consider a day-of coordinator to take care of things on the big day.
- Weddings have become full of personal touches in recent years – which is lovely, but also a lot of work! Don’t be afraid to keep things classic and traditional if that will simplify things for you.
- Think about the parts of the wedding you are excited about, whether that’s your first dance, the cake, or even your honeymoon.
- Take time off from wedding planning. Enjoy a date night with your future spouse, or go on a weekend getaway if you can. This will remind you of why you’re getting married in the first place and take some pressure off of the logistics of the day.
- You’d be surprised how many other brides find themselves daydreaming about an elopement instead of doing a big wedding. But once the day arrives, it is magical and full of special memories. Just take a deep breath.

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Opening photo by Heather Waraska