What You Should and Should Not Do for a Summer Wedding

Planning tips to make you and your guests more comfortable.

What You Should and Should Not Do for a Summer Wedding

Photo: Carrie Rodman Photography

dos and don'ts for a summer wedding

In our world, summer is typically thought of wedding season. Even if you’re currently planning your own nuptials, we wouldn’t be surprised if you had a few celebrations to attend in the next month or so – if you haven’t already been a guest at several, that is! Being present at these soirées has given you a chance to notice what makes summer weddings a fun night of partying and what makes them unpleasant and miserable.

If you’re planning your own celebration for the warmer months, we have a few tips on how to keep everyone happy – especially if you live where the weather gets hot and if you’re planning on an outdoor fête.

Do provide relief from the heat. This can come in many forms. Umbrellas can be set up above the ceremony chairs, or parasols can be provided for guests. A water station will keep attendees from becoming dehydrated, alleviating the risk of heat exhaustion. Offering sunscreen and/or sunglasses is certainly not required, but is a gesture that would be greatly appreciated for those who may have forgotten their own.

Don’t skip the save the dates. Some people consider them an unnecessary expense for local weddings where few guests will be traveling, but it is crucial for a summer celebration. Not only are many other weddings scheduled at that time – meaning you may have potential attendees invited to two events on the same weekend – but it’s also a season where families tend to plan their annual vacations. Giving advanced notice allows everyone to figure out their plans, as well as book lodging before hotels fills up.

Do cover your bases on keeping you and your guests comfortable. Shade and water is a good first step, but encouraging more casual attire for both you and the attendees will make everyone more at ease with the heat. If your vow exchange is near the water, mosquitos can be plentiful, so incorporating citronella candles into your décor or providing bug spray will help protect everyone from being bitten.

Don’t forget to have a “Plan B” for weather. Just because summer is a dry season in many regions doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed a sunny day. There’s always a chance of a random storm, or even an extreme heat wave to make an outdoor ceremony unmanageable. You don’t want to find yourself without an option on your wedding day.

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Opening photo by Carrie Rodman Photography