What Your Wedding Guests Will Ask You About

Consider addressing these topics with a FAQ section on your wedding website!

Once you get engaged, you’ll start to hear a lot of the same questions both about your life and your wedding. Find out how to sort out answers and keep your guests informed!

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Once you get engaged (sometimes even before) you’ll start to hear a lot of the same questions both about your life and your wedding. While queries about whether or not you and your future spouse will be having children soon may feel too personal, questions from guests about the big day are something you’ll have to field.

One way to handle this is by having a “frequently asked questions” (FAQ) section on your wedding website. Just be sure that your answers don’t come across as passive-aggressive: be clear, precise, and concise. However, if someone asks you something in person, it’s generally frowned upon to simply tell them to look at your website, so be prepared to answer individual questions as well. 

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Though you may not truly know your wedding FAQs until they are in fact frequently asked, the below offers a sample of what your guests may be wondering about, so you can be prepared. Another trick is to remember what information you hope you have when attending someone else’s wedding. Chances are, people will want to know the same about yours. These are the categories that are typically asked about: 

Transportation and Accommodation

Even without a FAQ section, you should be sure to address these issues either through your wedding website or invitation suite. While the popularity of GPS makes it less necessary, it’s still helpful to provide directions to the venue. Details about parking or any provided transportation is also important.

It likely goes without saying that your out-of-town guests will need to know where your room blocks are, but even without a room block it will be helpful to suggest nearby hotels for guests to consider. 

Plus Ones and Children

While you hopefully made it very clear on your invitation, there are always going to be guests who want to double check that not giving them a plus one or having an adults-only celebration wasn’t just a mistake on your part. As long as you’re consistent with your rules, you are well within your rights to make the guest list how you wish. However, established couples should always be invited as a social unit; plus ones are for single attendees. 

Attire/Dress Code

While it can seem improper to tell your guests what to wear (and in most cases you shouldn’t be assigning specific outfits outside your bridal party), most attendees will feel more comfortable with some guidelines regarding the formality of your wedding. No one likes to feel over- or underdressed!

Simply stating the dress code (i.e. formal, cocktail, black-tie optional) on your wedding website or invitation will suffice for most. You may still hear specific questions from some guests (like if they can wear black to your wedding), especially if they fear matching the bridesmaids or wearing something too close to white.